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    Sextortion and/or Harassment , There is a cyber predator everyone should be aware of

    So very new to camming, only a month in if that. Got a Pm about someone wanting to pay for a Skype call. The person sent me his picture as well as screen shots of money he sent to other girls. My biggest mistake was doing all this under a time table. I downloaded the app which I had over a year...
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    Viewer harassment help on stripchat

    Hello everyone, I am a knight for a newer model on SC, she has a high level viewer (90) who consistently verbally harasses the model in public chat, personal message, & even direct phone via WhatsApp. I mute the person when he starts the insults of calling her a prostitute, cunt, slut, F’n...
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    Frequency of persistent harassment

    Hello everyone! So I’ve been doing lots of research about camming so far, however I have one main concern about the industry that keeps me from taking the plunge. So I’d like to do a poll/ask about your experience with harassers/trolls in order to help me to make a decision how often does...