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help lmao

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  1. Annabell_blossom

    Camsoda questions

    Hey everyone! So I'm totally new to pretty much everything (camming and posting in forms...I know I'm a cave women). So I've had my first show 2 days ago and again yesterday. It went really really really well, I made WAY more money then what I was expecting and I somehow have almost 100...
  2. Belladonna_Noire

    OBS Settings on Chaturbate?

    I'm new to camming and I tried streaming last night for the first time (with no luck). I watched a few tutorials for OBS and I thought I was golden! But when I went to stream, I got a few different responses from viewers who were nice enough to tell me that my settings were probably off. Two...
  3. malena

    Is it lame to ask for support/others to come to your first show?

    Maybe 'lame' is the wrong word to use, but I'm feeling so jittery about being on camera online for the first time (see my past post in this section asking about non-nude camming), and I feel like asking for some good old fashioned support :'^) I have one friend I trust enough to talk about these...