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  1. C

    Wrongfully banned

    I (20yo) and my gf (22) year old, we’re camming and we just started the day before. I started first the night before she got here and there were no problems. Then mr and her cammed, but keep in mine I got her verified PRIOR to the stream. I verified her three times to make sure. 1st time was...
  2. X

    They don’t reply?

    My hubby and I have a couple cam on Chaturbate….. we have rung every number to which they say it’s all “third party people” so there is no phone support for the actual models? We have been messaging zendesk since the 21st… I have worked for zendesk and I know how it works… so they have a bunch...
  3. H

    re-verification of the account. unban me please

    Hello dear @punker barbie ! back in May, my account was banned and support asked me to contact in half a year for re-verification, half a year has passed and I applied for an attempt to re-verify, but there has been no response from support so far. I will be grateful for your help! Ticket: 18676397
  4. sweetcap33

    MFC corner banners, how to?

    Hey, I noticed other models can have their OF, names, ranks, etc on the corners of their screen. No animation just basic font in the corners. How can I do this? if anyone knows please
  5. S

    I need a Manager/Helper

    I am looking for some advice and possibly someone to hire to help me manage being a cam girl. Having three kids at home it is hard for me to keep up on a lot of things. Basically I think I would be much more successful if I had someone to make me a set schedule/hold me to it, be a helper during...
  6. Sam13

    Closed Account

    I was transmitting normally and they sent me an email that they had closed my account for "fraud". My account has always been in order, I always respected the code of conduct and I work here every day, this is my livelihood. I still do not receive responses from Streamate to clarify this...
  7. B

    chaturbate banned me by mistake

    Please help me. Username biengrossa account banned You really banned me by mistake I have had this account many years ago and I know the rules. I mostly use this account for Solo broadcasts. Last week I invited two verified models, they also have chaturbate profiles First you block my account...
  8. C

    Still have not been paid

    I have just recently cashed out for the first time and about 3 days ago got sent an email saying chaturbate needs a W9 form and once I fill it out and send it back to them I would have my payment immediately released into my bank account It has been a while and support still has not gotten back...
  9. M

    Account banned

    Hello @punker barbie I registered a new account with my same passport. and again they gave a ban. I wrote from the mail. why is a ban on my passport given if you said that I can register? User: maldives78
  10. Cox Deep

    Is your account banned? Need help?

    Is your Chaturbate Account banned? Are you having a hard time getting in touch with anyone? Or even worse, getting a response? Well I have your 100% solution guaranteed. You see, it all started yesterday, I had been banned for broadcasting outside. I totally understood why I was banned...
  11. LilBrownDomme

    Account Closed and Unable to Log Into New One!

    OMG I was right in the middle of a session and a notification appeared stating my account had been closed! I requested for Streamate to FIRST transfer my information to my new account, then delete it. I already had a secondary account opened, but now I cannot log into that one either! It's...
  12. B

    700 viewers in my room, 50min without tips. Anything I do is wrong?

    Recently every time I stream, there would be extremely long gaps between each decent tip. During these gaps there can be 1tk 5 tk tips but in total less than 20tks for a whole hour. People are completely quiet and no one talks. I just stand there feeling frustrated and awkward. Thinking...
  13. MillyNoelle

    Members sneaky fantasy freebies on OnlyFans

    Hi! I've realised that many members/fans on my OnlyFans are asking me kinky things and sneakily fulfilling their fantasies for free when I answer. It starts with innocent questions and then they start asking more and more specific things. I don't know how to handle it because I don't want to...
  14. MillyNoelle

    What's your set up? Is the floor okay?

    Hi! I've been slowly buying things to get my cam corner ready for broadcast. I now have a webcam, some good lighting, a cheap cozy rug and a laptop. I'm still missing a chair and a table or somehing to set up my mic, lights and my old tv (I'll use it as a monitor since it's 32" and 1080p). I...
  15. lll_lllll

    Purchased Tokens and can't Tip or start Pvt Show - No more response from Support

    Hi, im an active CB user since early 2019 if I remember correctly (maybe older), and never had an issue with CB. Yesterday I've decided to top up my account again, but when I tried to tip a girl it said I can't and I should contact support. Same thing with pvt shows. So I followed up and...
  16. B

    What do you do when there's absolute long-lasting dead silence in your room?

    I just logged off. Feeling frustrated and angry and anxious. Half an hour dead silence no one tipped no matter what I tried. Tried to change tip goal, new look, change positions. But viewers in my room just get less and less gradually and no one every tipped. No one talks either. 300 people in...
  17. Randiigirl69

    I Need Ideas for a Tip Menu

    Here's what I have, please help me : Notice: Change Hair Do: PigTails/Let Down/Put Up (15) Notice: Bare Feet (20) Notice: Private Message (25) Notice: Flash Ass (36) Notice: Bare Ass Flash (40) Notice: Flash Belly (40) Notice: Smoke Joint (42) Notice: Smoke A Cigg (50) Notice: ♡ If You...
  18. E

    unintentionally token purchase

    Hello, it's an urgent matter. So help would be really nice! So I unintentionally bought the pre-selected maximum amount of Tokens via PayPal. It somehow went so fast, it's a really bad mistake, I know. I somehow overlooked it, I clicked too fast. I really can't allow this amount to get...
  19. BBatBitch

    Cannot figure out how to mute basics?

    Sorry if this is obvious!!!
  20. Isamecb

    Bug chaturbate?

    Hello girls, something very strange has been happening to me in cb. It happens to me that for a few moments my room has 30 users and out of nowhere we are anonymous, I don't use bots or anything like that. Yesterday I saw that this came out after noticing the change in numbers. What could...