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  1. xxlsuperlouis

    Real or fake? How would you respond?

    Hello everyone. Got this message from a cam model I followed on twitter and chaturbate at one point. Who wouldn’t feel bad if this was real?. (I’m assuming it’s not 😬) If you think it’s fake too, I’m curious if this is this actually a successful method that cam girls use?
  2. kinkypinky96

    Wire Payout takes too long!! Help!

    I can only receive a payout by Wire transfer. My country does not accept bank cheques and all other pay out services pull out BS reasons all the time so you won't get access to your money.. i guess we all know the drill. Now the issue is, I have received my first Wire payment a while back so...
  3. rougedknees

    Help with Tip Menu (plus a few more questions)

    1) I need some guidance when it comes to Tip menu pricing. I'm trying to keep everything in the +7 ratio while satisfying both low paying and high paying customers, buuut it's hard for me to determine the value of certain services despite comparing it to other models' tip menus. Write your name...
  4. SexySweetNiko

    animation during streaming?

    Hello girls and guys !!! I am pretty new here and pretty old on myfreecams but i saw something that look interesting for me today,some nice animation when guys tip the pumpkins are blowin up,can somebody tell me how to do that? I will add a photo as example. Thanks alot
  5. puckbunny77

    Hi I need some help

    Hi I'm Nikki Styx. I apparently have a toxic boyfriend who stays friends with a girl who constantly harasses me. Well, the other night she threatened to share my nudes, and has actual photos of me on chaturbate and is passing them around and sharing them. She lives in another country but I want...
  6. AshRaindrop

    Any tips on looking great on camera?! ~amateur model

    I get great feedback, my guys are great, they gas me up, etc...I'm just wondering if you have any tips to get more confident on cam or while making content? Tricks, angles, editing, a girl out 😂 I have an hd webcam, fast wifi, ringlight, etc.
  7. K

    Banned although I’m already age verified..

    In the middle of my stream tonight I got a message saying that I can no longer receive tokens because everyone on stream must be age verified on my account... I was the only person on stream and at no point had anyone else been in it but me, I have also already streamed before for almost 5 hours...
  8. S

    HP Pavilion x360 Laptop advice

    Hello fellow cam models! I am currently looking for a new laptop because my current HP x360 2GB RAM 32GB laptop does not function right on myfreecams anymore. My room will stay loading then I will be kicked out of my room back to the login page. I figured it is because of my low capability of a...
  9. aliceesadventured

    Quick ID Question

    I'm just curious, for personal and safety reasons- does anyone know if chaturbate has the ability to look up you ID number or the DD number found of most licenses in the US. Thanks!
  10. M

    Re-creation of Chaturbate account

    Hello everyone! Have anybody re-created the account before with the same ID card? If yes, please give me some information on it
  11. A

    A few questions...

    Hello, So I want to keep this short and as anonymous as I possibly can without backstory of why I am trying to be a cam model. I am trying to get into camming as an asexual virgin. I REALLY do not like being naked, that being said, I know that I have to obviously. I have never masturbated...
  12. W

    How do I go on with such anxiety

    Okay, I really need to vent this out and any response at this point would help. One day, 5 years ago, I went on a cam site (not for money, just fun and attention i guess) and I was screen capped (which at the time I didn't know would happen). Then once I went on cam with my ex-boyfriend and we...
  13. S

    Buy Snapchat link

    Hi I've been a model on MFC for almost 2 years now and wanted to make some changes to my profile and I noticed some models have a button that say 'buy my sc XX toks' or just stating where they can click to buy it and when clicked, that amount of toks is taken and I would guess you just give them...
  14. ReinaStorm

    Using Onlyfans with Android Please Help January 2020

    I just started a Onlyfans last month. I currently have an Android phone. I have not been able to find an app to use Onlyfans on my Android. I have only been able to access it through my computer. I saw somewhere that google won't allow an app through the playstore because it's against its...
  15. Visceral

    Pvt Shows when using OBS

    Hey, so I recently started using OBS, and an external webcam. It came to my attention from one of my viewers that they can't request a private show when I'm using OBS. I don't wanna go back to using my internal webcam because it's a downgrade in my graphics but I'm losing money if I can't do...
  16. F

    Dissertation Help!

    Hi! My name is Phe and I am an ex-camgirl and current university undergraduate student at the University of Edinburgh. I study anthropology and am looking into the current shifting trends in online porn and online sex-work and how the workers themselves feel about the industry, their bodies...
  17. F

    ID not verified, keeps on being declined. HELP.

    Hi guys! my boyfriend and I have registered on Chaturbate under the username: fitandfreak and wanted to verify our age and account. He is Bulgarian and I am Serbian, we live together in Serbia. We uploaded the pictures of us and IDs and his was approved, while mine - on the other hand - was...
  18. T

    Chaturbate payout help!

    So I started using chaturbate in the beginning of March and I haven’t received a check since. I tried emailing cb about it and they told me that my account is linked to the studio private cams. Which I don’t know what that even means.. but I found the studio private cams email and sent them one...
  19. MilaRose

    Cam Girl Guide Q & A

    Hey guys and girls, I have a Youtube channel dedicated to helping cam girls (and guys) get started as an online entrepreneur in the adult industry. If anyone has any more beginner friendly questions I would be more than happy to answer them for you in an upcoming Q&A! I can also answer some...
  20. LittleRedBunny Academy


    Hello everyone, I’m LittleRedBunny. I’ve been a cam model for just over 10 years now and have won multiple awards, been profiled and interviewed in adult and mainstream media publications and worked hard to earn a well-respected image and recognized brand in the Adult Webcam Industry. I have...