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  1. _crysstal_

    Help with a banned account

    Hi @punker barbie I hope you are well, I am really sad and desperate, chaturbate banned my account yesterday after asking for my age verification. This page is really important to me, and also I have money there that I earned with effort and passion. Please please help, my account username is...
  2. H

    Camming and future career.

    Hello i'm leila im 19 and i've just verified myself to work as a camgirl my only concern is that once i finish school to become a social worker it will affect me. Not anyone finding out my identity but when filing my 1099. Will companies go that far back? Do you think this will affect me getting...
  3. LilyBlueBBW

    Can you be a successful camgirl with a shitty setup?

    Hello, good people of ACF. I have decided to return to camming after being away for what it seems like forever. I dont just plan on doing just camming but skype shows as well. My problem is that my setup is really shitty and that is not an exaggeration. Here is what I have in order to...