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  1. Sabrinarey_

    Can I change my location?

    Hey!! How are you all? I’ve been trying to find a way to change my location, specifically on MFC. I live in Colombia but I’d like to appear in other regions, is that possible? If do you do it, how do you do? I’ve heard about using VPN with a program but I think it might become the internet too...
  2. KaylenPeach

    Options for slow internet

    Hello! I have made a grave mistake. :( I just signed a 1.5 year lease on a beautiful home in a suburban area. Unfortunately I quickly discovered that not only is the only internet service provider DSL, but it's only offered at the lowest speed (12 mbps). No option for cable and no option for...
  3. crimson_lion

    OBS help for MFC on Mac OS

    Hey everyone! I want to preface this by saying this is not for me, but for my friend who is a model on MFC. She has been struggling with setting up OBS for a while on her Macbook (New Model), and recently has been having trouble running it. She did the walkthrough through the MFC wiki, however...
  4. W

    Camming in Hotels

    Hi everyone, Thinking about getting started in the business, however I won't be able to work from home at the moment. What's the deal with working from hotels, airbnb, etc? My primary concern is the internet connection. Thanks! wow12341
  5. zippypinhead

    What's your favorite website to just go and idle away time?

    Aside from ACF, of course.
  6. SagenHoney

    PornHub Traffic Changes During Game Day ~

    I lol'd. Not super specific why but I suppose I could understand people needing to pull off that victory wank. ~
  7. Moros1138

    Creators, Piracy, and the Internet.. Oooooh my...

    Hello Everybody, I'm seeing my twitter feed, lately, full of people who are threatening to stop producing content because they have found their work is being pirated. While that's their right and I would never presume to say what people can or can't do with their own works. I do have a little...
  8. K

    FPS Limit MFC

    Hi guys. I have been an MFC model for about 3 or 4 months now, and am doing well. I just upgraded my net from 1mbps upload to 5, and have noticed that MFC will not use anymore than 1mbps upload at any given time. it also seems to cap itself fps-wise to about 10fps. I have a good logitech 920...