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legal advice

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  1. puckbunny77

    Hi I need some help

    Hi I'm Nikki Styx. I apparently have a toxic boyfriend who stays friends with a girl who constantly harasses me. Well, the other night she threatened to share my nudes, and has actual photos of me on chaturbate and is passing them around and sharing them. She lives in another country but I want...
  2. H

    Is webcam legal in Turkey?

    My boyfriend and I are planning to spend a vacation in Turkey. We would also like to cam there. Do you guys have any information if its allowed there?
  3. StarSpirit

    Help with legal stuff - models from Central Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland)

    Hello everyone, does anyone know how to actually legalize our work? As well as pages like patreon, onlyfans and such? I have no idea how to approach it, that is why I am not really working as much as I would like. Would appreciate any help. Feel free to write a private message, instead of...
  4. Heidi von Rocket

    Practices regarding co-stars in clips

    Hello ACF. I have two main questions regarding how you handle having friends in your clips. For context, no one is showing face. Do you have them sign any sort of legal document for consent or a release of liability? How do you approach this conversation and which points, if any, do you make...
  5. Kiki Korova

    camming on benefits/welfare? taxes?

    Hi I live in the U.K and am currently on income support and disability benefit. I'm just wondering how the money I make camming will affect this if even at all. Will I get into legal trouble? I have never done taxes and have no clue how to. I did a little camming a few years back and it was fine...
  6. sexisally

    Net Neutrality ??

    Hey all, I'm wondering if I can get a Net Neutrality for Dummies overview for how these new measures will effect being a cam girl. Just wanna know if I should get riled up and what to be riled up about! <3 thanks