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  1. L

    Me and this camgirl fell in "love" and want me to meet her in her country. I don't actually love her tho what to do?

    Okay so please don't get this confused with the regular customer camgirl dynamic where the client is delusional and thinks he can "save" the camgirl. I'm about 24 years old and make pretty good money just very bad with women and social skills in general. Anyway, just a very horny individual I...
  2. D

    In person consultation services

    Being a male CB model, I get offers time-to-time from viewers who wish to meet up in person. I am keep on keeping my privacy in check but the prospects nonetheless remain alluring. What are the considerations to take into account if I wish to offer in-person consultation? I believe Canadian laws...
  3. C

    In loved (maybe) with a cam girl

    Hi all, I am new on this site and I’ve wanted open this topic to find some advise and opinion by users and models about my situation. I will be really long but I want to share my real and detailed story. In September I found a new model on a cam site that I’ve liked so much and we started...
  4. ItsBabyBella


    Ladies! Id absolutely love a get together with fellow cam girls in the UK. The large majority of cam girls I have spoke to are from outside the UK. Id love to arrange an event with music, food, cocktails etc and just chat, exchange stories and get to know each other. I couldn't really try and...
  5. NoraSkyes

    Travel Expenses

    I have an opportunity to meet up with a camgirl I have been getting to know lately to hang out and do shows with but I worry about the expenses. As far as travel and sleep arrangements go, I would have to most likely fly and we plan on staying in a hotel since we will also be attending a...
  6. S

    Finally met my friend who happened to be a cam girl

    So I just came back from trip to Vegas and all I have to say is that I had great time. Even though at times it seemed like it wouldn't. I flew to Vegas to see my friend who I met through SM. We did talk about the the idea of dating, but we agreed we would take it really slow if anything were to...
  7. Natalie

    Making videos with other camgirls

    Hi there, I just recently got verified camgirl status and I am wondering the best way to go about meeting other camgirls. I really want to make some g/g videos, but I also want to just meet other people in this crazy cam world :) XOXO Natalie UPDATE: Not sure how to delete this post, but I've...
  8. Bunny Alice

    Cam Girls Near Me?

    I was wondering if you guys had any idea how to link up with and find cam girls near you. I'd love to cam with another girl that would be sooooo amazing! I won't disclose where I live right here but if anyone knows how to do this that would be very helpful!