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  1. AngelicEvie

    Tonight's the night!

    I am gonna do my first show tonight (eep!). I am nervous but also I am excited. I was wondering what are the top 3 tips/advice you have for the first show. I have read and researched for a few months and I think I have the basics down but last minute advice is always welcomed! Thanks lovelies!
  2. passmeawhiskay

    Pros and Cons of Camming

    Hello ladies and gentlemen! New to the site, quick background on me and then on to the discussion. I started camming on Chaturbate in 2015 after I got myself into a legal bind, (DUI, dont ever get one, crazy expensive). I felt desperate and was not making enough money with my normal job or my...
  3. M

    New / Nervous / lose of regulars / lover boy

    okay, so I just started camming maybe a month ago. I have made 3 pretty steady regulars over that time. Last week one told me he would be gone for awhile for work. Today one told me he is taking a mental health break from mfc during the holidays and the other is getting very very into it like...