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  1. Smores

    Sites With Pay Per E-mail for Models?

    What are the best websites that give models an option to charge members for each e-mail they send? The main requirements are: * Provide a web interface for the model to receive and send e-mail * Provide a billing system to automatically collect payments from message senders * Prohibit...
  2. glamgirlmedia

    Glam Girl Media | Niteflirt Templates & Video Galleries

    *I received permission to post here from an admin* Hi ladies (and gents)! I'm Natalie, a Niteflirt template designer and video editor. I'm a former PSO and model. I noticed there was a lack of quality, affordable custom video galleries and eye-catching Niteflirt templates so I created my...
  3. DiamondNoire1

    Niteflirt Traffic?

    Hi everyone! I've been creating my listings for NiteFlirt, and I'm unsure how to categorize them. They have a phone with cam option, but you can also advertise cam in the phone only section. Which gets you more calls? Also I don't see much information about this site on here. Is that just...
  4. P

    NiteFlirt's Tax Information is Confusing

    So I'm a new phone sex "flirt" on NiteFlirt. If anybody's unfamiliar, you set your own rate that the member who is calling you pays. They do not take out taxes. They say that if you make over $20,000 in gross income in the calendar year, they will send you a 1099-K form and report your gross...