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  1. Smores

    Feeding Music to OBS Without Creating Echo?

    What is the best way to feed the output of a music app to OBS as a digital input, without creating an echo on your microphone that distorts the sound to listeners? It's easy enough to feed an app to OBS, but if you want to listen to the output of that app it will also get picked up by your...
  2. Belladonna_Noire

    OBS Settings on Chaturbate?

    I'm new to camming and I tried streaming last night for the first time (with no luck). I watched a few tutorials for OBS and I thought I was golden! But when I went to stream, I got a few different responses from viewers who were nice enough to tell me that my settings were probably off. Two...
  3. StripStripSkylar

    OBS studio noob question

    Hello! First post here, I used the search function but didn't come up with any answers to my (probably very simple) question. I am trying to use OBS studio to stream on SM, however, I am coming across problems when I try to stream. I copy and paste the streaming link into where it says "stream...
  4. gingerboozz

    OBS using plug-ins

    can anyone explain how to use plug-ins on obs? I want to add text on to my screen mostly.