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OBS studio noob question

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Nov 6, 2017
Hello! First post here, I used the search function but didn't come up with any answers to my (probably very simple) question. I am trying to use OBS studio to stream on SM, however, I am coming across problems when I try to stream. I copy and paste the streaming link into where it says "stream key" (SM's instructions are unclear as to where to post this) and chose "Custom Streaming Server" as I couldn't find Streamate on the list of streaming services. I copy and paste the URL I am streaming from into the URL box, then click "apply" and "ok." Once I hit "start streaming," it buffers, but doesn't connect, giving me an error message instead. What am I doing wrong?!? Thanks so much in advance!
May 8, 2012
There was a bug a few months back; I don't know if it was fixed. Basically the new OBS was not processing keys properly.
People were using OBS classic as a work around.

The keys your putting into the field should look some thing like "0/9999999/show 11111111" .

Make sure your video settings have an output scaled down resolution that matches streammate. That should be on their model site, it's probable some thing like 800x448 @ 29.97 FPS .
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