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  1. H

    Banned for no reason

    I got banned for what I found out is that they thought I was going to self harm myself. Even tho a girl asked me a question and I told her the truth. Then CB support reached out to me to let me know that the email I used to make account is not the one that I sent a email to chaturbate support. I...
  2. H

    My account is banned

    @punker barbie please help me I got banned yesterday and I do know know why. My friend had the same thing happen yesterday. We are both big supporters and I have messaged support and only got that auto reply please help me get my account back as well as his account. My account is Heysweethang...
  3. C

    banned account

    Hi @punker barbie please help me my account has been banned. My support ticket # is 19524127.. thank you
  4. Sexyluna

    [Chaturbate] 19433065 - Re: I need you to recheck my urgent case to reset my profile sexy_girls_hot2

    Hello @punker barbie First of all I want to thank you for all the support you give to this community. The reason why I am contacting you again is because my profile is still blocked, which I presented several proofs to support my identity and another document that supports it and they did not...
  5. M

    Please help me, age verification My chatur account is active for a year and a half.

    Hello @punker barbie need your help my chaturbate account currently has 11 thousand followers, the great chaturbate team whom I admire and respect a lot put it in verification my account @ michellereyes20 the first thing was that they did not accept my passport, after a year and a half of have...
  6. O

    Ban before being age verified

    Username: Sweetmaky Ticket number:19266535 I was adding myself on a friend’s account sent my verification details but got banned as response.No reason at all.Contacted support over four times still not helped. I just want to be part of cb community please please help me @punker barbie below is...
  7. Springajara

    Help Please

    Good afternoon @punker barbie. My account (Springajara) has been blocked and I have not received a response about the reason for this Please help me if I did something wrong, I promise not to do it again and follow your rules. Chaturbate is my main site. Thank you. Ticket number ...
  8. Springajara

    Account is banned.Help

    User name: springajara Additional notes: Good afternoon, dear support service. I do not know why, I have logged into my account and my account is blocked. My account has apparently been hacked and something bad has been done, I do not know. Could you sort this out and help me? I didn't do...
  9. I

    Hello, my account was banned, I don t know why ?!? Please Help me!

    Hello @punker barbie , my chaturbate user is isabell_noir, my chaturbate account was banned for no obivous reason., can you help me please to work again on charubate site? Thank you very much Ticket Number: 19128644
  10. C


    Hi, I also have a problem, I made a transfer for the period 1-15 and my money was returned, then I made a request for daily payment on the 26th and even now I have not received my money, everything it is said that the payment is in progress, can you please help me?
  11. P

    I thought it was verified and I was already going to try my first transmission🤦🏽‍♀️ Cb

    Hi cb does not verify my age and the support keeps sending me the same automatic response, first that the image was blurred, now the last one that does not accept my Identity Document, which is my License. They don't accept it? many now have this problem? But only the support automatically...
  12. F

    Ban pls help me

    good afternoon @punker barbie , I really need your help! previously, I was banned for six months on the site for "young appearance", the ban passed, I was told to send new photos of my document to the site, I sent photos several times, but they were rejected, and then I was banned again after I...
  13. N

    Payment missing @punker barbie

    have not received anything yet. Hei sry if i bother u but im dissperate im didnt get my payment from 16.11.2021..and is all money i have..i worked 2 weeks for them and i count on thrm if u can understand..i got answer frm cb that they will unban my acc but nothing still banned and still no...
  14. E

    banned new account

    hiii.i wanted to open a new account on cb and i keep getting banned : We have reason to believe that you may have violated our terms of service. im streaming on cb for around 5 -6 years my curently account it s extra_topping .can u please help me activate my new account : Christine_Sunray and...
  15. kc0untry777

    Two days in a row cb shut me down in the middle of a show!

    So last night James and I started our cam show and in the middle of the show we were doing great I mean it’s rare for me to have a night where they are just tipping so much reaching the goals that I can’t keep up with them and when cb shut us down it also created a problem with the viewers they...
  16. Oliver18k

    Chaturbate account banned, help me please

    Hello @punker barbie. My chaturbate account was banned on June 26, 2021 for a trivial reason. I didn't break any rules and I didn't do anything wrong. They said I looked too young and banned me for 6 months. I sent I think about 20 emails and still in vain . I was a new model, I only used the...
  17. G

    Account ban

    Hello, @punkerbarbie, my account by the name of ghiop102 was banned, I wasn’t exactly sure why it was banned. My best guess is someone got into my account, that’s why I had a recent email change lately to secure my account. Is there any possible way I could get a unban, I’ve been a active member...
  18. moni34

    Help with a banned account My account was banned tick 18390402

    Good Morning Hi @punker barbie I hope you are well, I am really sad and desperate, chaturbate banned My account was approved after a few hours later I was banned and I sent everything they asked for, I have an answer tick 18390402 Username monkey155 @punker barbie 😢😢😢
  19. felipe28

    Chaturbate banned account

    Good night @punker barbie My account hotfuckers4uu was banned two weeks ago,I don't know the reason why and the money from las payment of September didn't arrive. Can you help me please. Thank you.
  20. Q

    account banned cb

    @punker barbie Hello good morning On Friday at midnight they blocked the page, I wrote to technical support but they have not given me an answer, when it was due to a typing error it was 25 and I put 15, could you please help me the ticket number is # 18388935 could you help me give more...