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  1. T

    Account ban and supporter membership cancelation

    Dear @punker barbie My account "ticobear0403" got banned as soon as i purchased the supporter subscription, i would like to get my account back and cancel the payment method to avoid getting billed monthly for that subscription. And see how can i get the tokens purchased back. Any help or...
  2. S

    Suspended to permanently banned need help

    Hi everyone I work at cb and i get suspended by being underage eventho i get age verify i deactivated my account and 2days later i create new then i get banned it’s all to late for me to see there message to not create another account within 6months and now im banned permanently please help me i...
  3. S

    Account bannd

    Hello @punker barbie can you help to retrieve my account my name account in chaturbate is ur_amazinglyhottsxxx . I don’t know why my account is fast bannd I don’t have any violence please I’m begging you @punker barbie 🙏🏻
  4. D

    Hello !! I was bannned on my account dream_boys2 !

    @punker barbie hello i was banned from my account dream_boys2 ! I was ofline almost 5 days and when i wanna brodacast again i saw my avcount was banned !! I write them a message now 1 week ago but they didn’t answear ! Can u please from bottom of my heart help me ? I m desperrate !! @punker...
  5. O

    Account banned- would appreciate any help, thank you for your time

    Hello, first and foremost thank you for your time in reading this. Today i was banned because i was showing my dear friend who means a lot to me, the city in which i live. stupidly i was broadcasting my chaturbate stream while i was driving, not thinking of the terms of service and how i was...
  6. K

    please help me un estudio me suplanto la identidad

    hla @punker barbie my username is king_hotso nnwhen I create my account and certify my age the page bans me and says that my ban is permanent please help me it turns out that a studio stole my identity document with which I create many accounts for other people and one day I went to an...
  7. T

    Account banned / Chaturbate ignores our emails about reinstating our account

    Hi @punker barbie we need please your help as soon as possible. Chaturbate banned our account: tommy_and_jerry last Sunday. We were very surprised as we have been broadcasting for 3 years in the platform and our shows have been quite similar from the beginning. Saying that, they mentioned in...
  8. M

    Account banned

    @punker barbie Hello, my username is Sweetmintsoap and I saw a notification on adding new id to the new system verification which I did, only to find my account banned for no prior reason. Kindly help me out, in unbaning my account so I can continue broadcasting. Thank you in advance. Waiting...
  9. D

    My Account is Banned For no Reason

    Hi greetings to you @punker barbie my account has been banned for no reason. the Site has ask me to age verify my account once again and to comply i sent my passport together with my newly issued postal identification card. as i already sent it i reload the page and it says my account was...
  10. P

    Account Banned For No Reason and no they make it permanently banned

    Hi i am in great sadness right now bcuz my chaturbate account has been banned for no reason. as we know that models are needed to send thier id’s to make they account age verified and i did it with my passport and my other id i even flew from davao to manila just to renewed id. now as i sent my...
  11. B

    My chaturbate account got banned

    Hi @punker barbie My account just got banned today after i tried to stream for whatever reason. There's no explanation on the message it just says: Account Banned We have reason to believe that you may have violated our terms of service. Please feel free to contact us at...
  12. sexystudent

    No response banned account

    Hi my screen name is creamberryfairy and ive been banned since friday ive been emaling support and still got no answers :'( please help me @punker barbie
  13. sexystudent

    Account Banned no reason

    Hi my screen name is creamberryfairy and my account got banned yesterday. Without reason. Can you help me with this? @punker barbie Thank you a lot !
  14. Creamberryfairy_chatur

    Account Banned screen name creamberryfairy

    Hi @punker barbie my account has been banned since yesterday. They didn't give me a reason. I emailed them but no answer yet. Can you help me please ? Thank you.
  15. Cooperj152

    Account banned

    We have reason to believe that you may have violated our terms of service Username: youprincess_raily Request number: 20103650 @punker barbie please help🙏
  16. B

    Payout issues

    Hello, My support ticket number is 20040419 A girl that is now working in my studio worked for a month using the account as a personal account but without any payout information being attached, and then after contacting support she was moved over to my studio. In the time when she was...
  17. C


    MY USERNAME IS cutiebamby7 and i have 32370 tokens why i can not transfer my tokens into cash ??? the message is " Unable to transfer tokens into cash contact suport if the problem continue " . I nedd you to fix this realyy fast because i need ti buy medical treatement for my mother, i need my...
  18. K

    My mobile number can’t receive verification codes to access my account

    @punker barbie am Krissy_nile User name Krissy_nile995 Have been unfortunate of recent that the mobile number I provided cb can’t receive codes to access my account yet it’s the same number have been sending codes on.ever since I got verified kindly help. I’ll be glad if am worked on.
  19. M


    I have created a studio account for our agency, but I can't find clear information on how to register model accounts to my studio account. I would very much appreciate a little help
  20. M

    Suspended account

    Hello maam and sir this is Mlss_Sofl19xxx i have some issue in my account my account get suspended I didn’t do any violations please response and tell me what to do to fix this please @punker barbie help me