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  1. S

    Suspended to permanently banned need help

    Hi everyone I work at cb and i get suspended by being underage eventho i get age verify i deactivated my account and 2days later i create new then i get banned it’s all to late for me to see there message to not create another account within 6months and now im banned permanently please help me i...
  2. B

    Account suspension

    My account was suspended because my boyfriend was in the back but I verified him and my account (blazingjupiter) is still suspended and I cannot transfer my tokens.
  3. O

    Account banned- would appreciate any help, thank you for your time

    Hello, first and foremost thank you for your time in reading this. Today i was banned because i was showing my dear friend who means a lot to me, the city in which i live. stupidly i was broadcasting my chaturbate stream while i was driving, not thinking of the terms of service and how i was...
  4. D

    My Account is Banned For no Reason

    Hi greetings to you @punker barbie my account has been banned for no reason. the Site has ask me to age verify my account once again and to comply i sent my passport together with my newly issued postal identification card. as i already sent it i reload the page and it says my account was...
  5. P

    Account Banned For No Reason and no they make it permanently banned

    Hi i am in great sadness right now bcuz my chaturbate account has been banned for no reason. as we know that models are needed to send thier id’s to make they account age verified and i did it with my passport and my other id i even flew from davao to manila just to renewed id. now as i sent my...
  6. B

    Payout issues

    Hello, My support ticket number is 20040419 A girl that is now working in my studio worked for a month using the account as a personal account but without any payout information being attached, and then after contacting support she was moved over to my studio. In the time when she was...
  7. C


    MY USERNAME IS cutiebamby7 and i have 32370 tokens why i can not transfer my tokens into cash ??? the message is " Unable to transfer tokens into cash contact suport if the problem continue " . I nedd you to fix this realyy fast because i need ti buy medical treatement for my mother, i need my...
  8. sweet_selena69

    Ban inquiry

    My account has been banned without reason, I know i havent done anything to break the rules please @punker barbie i really need your help i can't do an email cause it always say that i need to email associated with my Chaturbate account, to be honest i didn't change my address to Chaturbate...
  9. C

    banned account

    Hi @punker barbie please help me my account has been banned. My support ticket # is 19524127.. thank you
  10. Sexyluna

    [Chaturbate] 19433065 - Re: I need you to recheck my urgent case to reset my profile sexy_girls_hot2

    Hello @punker barbie First of all I want to thank you for all the support you give to this community. The reason why I am contacting you again is because my profile is still blocked, which I presented several proofs to support my identity and another document that supports it and they did not...
  11. E

    dear @punkerbarbie, I got banned, I need help.

    @punkerbarbie I got banned, support isn't responding, I need your help. For what reason I got banned, I don't know.
  12. M

    Why i didnt recevied my payment?

    Hello! There is the method Stripcaht paysout on every tuesday. But there is an issue, i already got verified on my account, via paxum, and i already reached the minimum amount for receive the payment, but my tokens are still on my account and it is dosent has been sended yet, to my paxum...
  13. J

    i missed my week as new due to being sick with the flu and huge ingrown hair literally my worst days of the year

    Hi @punker barbie I hope you can help me. My week had started again. I couldn't see my email on time because I got sick. Besides, to my luck, three days ago I had shaved a hair that made a lump and they had to open it with a scalpel. I still have a little of inflammation, what a pity that this...
  14. P


    Hello @punker barbie Im a webcam model on Chaturbate.We’ve been streaming for almost a year here with my friend .Today in the morning we worked soo well but their is this guy asked as to do something that we are not comfortable with and we refused to do it he left.In the evening we tried to log...
  15. Sammara_Stone_

    Chaturbate provides solutions !!!♥♥♥♥

    Chaturbate provides solutions !!! After a month of emailing my unjustified ban and almost giving up, I decided to send one last email where I kindly asked them to verify my account please and they did. They were very nice and acknowledged their mistake, now I can safely go back to chaturbate! If...
  16. kc0untry777

    Two days in a row cb shut me down in the middle of a show!

    So last night James and I started our cam show and in the middle of the show we were doing great I mean it’s rare for me to have a night where they are just tipping so much reaching the goals that I can’t keep up with them and when cb shut us down it also created a problem with the viewers they...
  17. x6uldv8xdolltsx

    I was banned without justification

    Hello good afternoon. @punker barbie I am writing to you kindly because I have a big problem with my access to my chaturbate account, an account in which I have been working for almost two years and had never had problems, because I have always pleased my users without breaking the rules, I have...
  18. Sammara_Stone_

    Unable to cashout chaturbate request (18526002)

    Hi @Punker_barbie i need your help please, when i try to convert my tokens it says: unable to cashout. If the problem continues, contact support, I have sent multiple emails and I do not get any response. on the other hand, I can be online and I can receive tokens, but I cannot use them in any...
  19. moni34

    Help with a banned account My account was banned tick 18390402

    Good Morning Hi @punker barbie I hope you are well, I am really sad and desperate, chaturbate banned My account was approved after a few hours later I was banned and I sent everything they asked for, I have an answer tick 18390402 Username monkey155 @punker barbie 😢😢😢
  20. Princess_sophie1


    @punkerbarbie Can you help me with my account back If have vioate the rules im really sorry i promise i didnt do it again 😭😭 Thats only the work i know to support my study and support my mom she is seniors 😭 please ,🙏🥺