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  1. J

    Private show not fully Recorded

    Hello community Im a stripchat user and yesterday had a great private with a model on stripchat website, it was a more than an a half hour show and it was great overall. The problem comes when i want to check the save video on my :gallery " and it didn't save de full show, only 17 mins and it...
  2. Smores

    Anyone Make an OBS Add-on to Add Identifier Code to a Broadcast?

    Since the problems with some viewers illegally recording model video streams - and redistributing those without permission - is so bad, I had a slightly ingenious idea. Could someone develop an OBS add on that adds a small barcode or encrypted data onto an area of the screen that encodes a) the...
  3. B

    new into caming

    Hello girls after a long time searching on forums trying to get some help to clarify my concerns I saw many post from models who have a great experience and knowledge on caming in this forum. Im finishing my degree at university and due to family economic issues I didnt have any money to pay...
  4. doesmeproud

    Struggling with recorded content and removal of?

    I'm having a slight nightmare here. Im hoping some kind soul can shed some light, provide a solution or maybe just some comforting rhetoric. :) (apologies in advance I am a guy model, but a very respectful one, and I just can't find as wonderful and compassionate camming forum as here)...