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  1. Hi there....

    Hi there....

  2. Do you like girls who smoke?

    Do you like girls who smoke?

  3. Lexi_Summers

    Hi there!

    Hello! Want to see more of me? Browse all the links here : Or have a scroll here! 😇 Cam sites:
  4. B

    Is it okay to smoke cigarettes in Chaturbate?

    Hi everyone! Me & my girlfriend are both smokers (we roll our own tobacco) and yesterday we've got a request to do a smoking blowjob with a cigarette. We always try to smoke off-cam because we know rolled tobacco and a joint look very similar, but as the request requires to see the cigarette...
  5. SmokeScreen

    My girlfriend and I want to make/sell smoking fetish content

    Hi, A long time ago, I accepted my strong attraction to women who smoke, and now that includes my girlfriend. She appreciates it very much, and when I told her about how the world is full of people with the same fetish, and that many of them are willing to pay money, she was very receptive to...
  6. Poison_Ivy21

    Do you smoke cigarettes?

    This is something I'm really curious about. Personally, I don't. I'm not sure if it's a southern thing, but I feel like I'm surrounded by smokers. Which I find kind of strange because I thought my generation was really getting away from cigarettes. Yet I hardly know any people who don't smoke...