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  1. K

    Streamster or splitcam ? Any way to see my video stream on multiple sites??

    Hi, so I’m wanting to use streamster or splitcam to stream to multiple sites. However I can’t actually see my video stream on any of these sites. The only way I can see my live feed, is on the streamster app, Which is impractical as I already have 3 sites up I don’t want to have to add a fourth...
  2. BadgirlIvy

    To split cam or not to split cam...

    Trying to decide how to do both Chaturbate and Streamate. I did both MFC and Chaturbate shows at the same time for a while but my resolution was terrible, now that I have figured out how to run both with OBS, I just have decided to stay off of MFC until I have a better following and am better...
  3. ShyCollegeSlut

    Viewers Opinion of Split Camming.

    I would like to split cam on two free/chat based sites with private/groups turned off. Would something like this bother you as a tipper/viewer? I wouldn't have any problems keeping up with chat, but there would occasionally be chat that makes no sense, as well as random free flashes/stuff going...