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stolen content

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  1. Sashacurves

    Is AI already this close to ruining this industry?

    So I received this private message on Reddit today and it really got me thinking about the longevity of this industry. "I apologize for the randomness of this message… And if you aren’t currently doing cam work, then I’m sorry for messaging. But if you are, your feedback on an idea of mine...
  2. A

    In need of urgent help (please!!)

    Hello all, I just joined this forum in hopes of searching for an answer. I know my situation is extremely common and have read a lot of the threads on here, but I just would like to see if there is any updated information or tips on this. I am a young college student modeling on Chaturbate...
  3. Sinner

    Your thought about stolen content

    Hi! i'm camming since almost 4 years, so i know that from the first day you expose yourself, you will be on the web FOREVER. But every time some client tell me, i go and check it and voilà, here i am with tons of videos ( public, privates, doesn't matter) available for free. All my past 4 years...
  4. T

    Shows being stolen and posted for free!

    Hi, this is my first post in this forum, hope I don't break any rules, I'm a moderator for a few girls that stream on chaturbate, a few days ago one user told one of the girls about this site: http://[site name banned*5].org/ and she was really mad and disappointed at the same time, because she is...
  5. MilaRose

    XVids Stolen Content

    Hey, so I heard from word of mouth I can get paid for content of mine that was stolen and uploaded to XVids. I have many videos under one person's XVids account, but I only show up for maybe 20 seconds at the end of each clip. Can I even ask for payment / transfer to my XVids model site or...
  6. W

    Stolen photos

    Hello, I was a Chaturbate user for some time and noticed that a certain website had stolen my photos, the problem is that I was afraid and i deleted my CB account. Will it be a big problem for Chaturbate's Support? I know all my details from the deleted account, so I can confirm that it is...
  7. LeenaMae


    I've been trying to find a post about tips on how to help prevent piracy. Obviously there's no fool proof solution, but I finally had my first situation. I've been looking into paid services, example cam model protection. I've heard their services are good, but that's a hefty price tag. Is it...
  8. VixenMinx_

    Your first stolen content experience?

    Hi everyone, I was alerted today by someone that a website had videos of my streams uploaded. I was frustrated, angry and felt pretty crappy about it, to be honest. I knew it was 100% a risk when I started camming, but I didn't think I would have to worry about it until I had been camming for at...