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  1. I

    Pancard not getting verified on Stripchat

    I have been a model for more than 2 years and suddenly they ask me for some model agreement approval but it always stuck on request approval so I deleted my documents and uploaded again but now they are saying that I need to upload another ID ... I only have pancard and aadhar card ... I don't...
  2. T

    Stripchat is doing models wrong

    i was on stripchat for almost 3 years and this year it seems like they have new management or employees because whoever these people are have no common sense and probably running off one brain cell. The only person that is helpful is Charlie the only person that is actually helpful. Seems like...
  3. KimmiReign

    Suspended Account For No Reason

    Honestly this is my last resort and last time trying. I may have to accept my defeat and move on with life. So In April 2021 I started camming with Stripchat. I loved it. And my first 3 days I was doing really well, made great money, and made regulars! I logged on my 4th day to try to stream and...