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  1. ultraviolet

    How long did it take to grow your Chaturbate?

    Hey guys :) New here, but not so new to streaming. So i have been on and off chaturbate for about 6 months. The past month or so I have become extremly regular with my schedule. I get on just about every night. - With that said. On average i make $1300 a week with about 40-50 hours in...
  2. dps77923

    Power of level 1 (Low level) tip from Chaturbate

    Sorry, I am not sure how to word the title exactly. One week ago, one user tipped model total over 2000tk at StripChat but model didn’t have any intense reaction only light moan on the bed. After about 5 min, low level tip from Chaturbate was coming. She started shaking her thigh and moaning...
  3. newmodel

    I am confusing about PM is it ok to PM or NO?

    I am new model on myfreecam, I have much friends i added , thats members who give me tokens, and members who give me a lot of tokens, every time when i see that someone of that members come online, i text them to say hi . more of members dont answer me, some of members answer but after time some...