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  1. Aayda_Heart

    Promotion Opportunity For Gamer Girls!

    My agent has recently setup my PSN and TWITCH profiles! We have been able to find a decent amount of success through self promotion! What we are looking for is a group of girls who play the game OVERWATCH. This will require you to have PSN with a Playstation 4 and a Mic. It would be mutually...
  2. Mocahontas721

    Fellow Twitch Users!

    Anyone else use twitch?! Ive been playing with it a little bit! Ive been streaming some Injustice 2 and Resident Evil! My username is Mocahontas721, Feel free to drop your usernames so i can see you guys cam too! Any tips for streaming as well??
  3. _caesar_

    Share your Twitch stream.

    Hi everyone! I just want t know if some of you use Twitch for streaming your gameplays. Mine is: /ruinator_stream Actually i'm streaming some Overwatch ranked sessions. I want to check out yours too :D
  4. Beau Cambridge

    need fun people to play with me while im streaming on twitch

    twitch- tsue5 PSN- asusundevil51990 Use to stream awhile back for a clan with black ops 3 and averaged about 300 viewers, unfortunately I always used the clan account and am starting from scratch again, if you want to get some easy wins at Destiny, or COD add me and let me carry ya :) usually...
  5. S

    GamerGril: Twitch Uncensored

    Hey Guys, just out here trying to get some feedback on a this new Gaming/Streaming platform. The move toward live video game streaming has increased significantly during the past few years with Twitch as the forerunner of the industry. The Platform we have created at GamerGril attempts to taking...
  6. Elizabethnoir

    Cam models that stream on twitch!!

    Hello! I have some questions for my fellow cam models that also stream on twitch. Im taking a break from caming to see what I should do as im really indecisive and im worrying about my future alot, should i just do caming? just stream on twitch? do both? any advice or words of wisdom would...