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Dec 17, 2017
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My agent has recently setup my PSN and TWITCH profiles!
We have been able to find a decent amount of success through self promotion!

What we are looking for is a group of girls who play the game OVERWATCH.
This will require you to have PSN with a Playstation 4 and a Mic.
It would be mutually beneficial if you had OBS and a webcam!

This will be a team thing!
No longer will you work against every model, you will work with a few models,
all of you using each-others social medias and such to help each other out.
Essentially, the goal is to create a group of the hottest gamer girl/webcam models.
This will NO DOUBT blow any stream out of the water and it is a DESPERATE need right now.

I'm currently doing very well on MyFreeCams. My agent is very talented and together we can rule the roost!

Please feel free to apply via messaging me on here, Twitter or E-mail!
Sounds super fun!! Wish I was good at Overwatch and had a PlayStation
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Thank you both for your replies! I admit I also did not have a playstation until I convinced a friend who didn't use it to let me borrow it for a bit. (Just be careful with what you post so you don't get banned.)
Hey! Congrats on the OW, I'd love to join but I am a PC player and don't feel comfortable asking people to buy me a PS4 just so I can stream it atm. Lmk if you ever have a PC option/team, I'm mid-plat and would love to join ^~^
It's probably a lot more enjoyable on the PC. I would like to get it going on PC for sure!
I guess I can always purchase OW for PC down the road here! :)
The issue is I use Chromebook and borrow a PC,
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The meta is definitely different from what I've heard. If you're looking to get a PC, maybe your manager could help you build one? It's cheaper and better for the price to build it than buy a 'gaming pc' from stores most of the time. Plus when you build it, it's easier to upgrade it rather than buying a whole new PC every 3 years when better graphics card come out or adding more ram, an ssd, or something like that. You can always buy a copy of ow for sale price on game resale places like G2A where they give you the key for the game also. Good luck, keep me posted ^~^
If you ever switch over to PC I'm so game to play :D

Hehe deal :) I am sort of getting a bit obsessed with it now, rather then just playing it here and there. so this will happen..... :D question is... when :p
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