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  1. R

    Looking for buying promo from models on chaturbate🙏

    Hello! I am a model on chaturbate, and I would like to cooperate with other models, about mutual PR, or advertising for money. Mutual PR: models with a traffic of 40+ people in the room . Attach links to each other in the biography in a prominent place, and in any bot, which sends during the...
  2. DaintyPrentiss

    Promo Period

    Hey, 'nother question: Looking to drive as many users to my page as I can during the Promo Period for us Stripchat newbies. Would anyone have advice for strategies that users might have shown positive attraction for in the past?
  3. S

    Getting Trafficon Manyvids?

    Hey everyone! I’m new on Manyvids and newer to the whole content creating and camming. I created a Twitter and an insta but I’m having a hard time getting followers? I’m posting new videos every other day on Manyvids, but I’m not sure how else to get followers or how else to promote my content...
  4. Aayda_Heart

    Any Canadian Models Willing to Team Up On Chaturbate?

    My agent has setup my OBS, I hope some girls also have someone who can do this. We are making a team of Twitch Gamer Girls who are also Webcam Models. This post is also on ACF if you look for it. I'm currently doing very well on MyFreeCams and I need to start working on my Chaturbate. I'd like...
  5. Aayda_Heart

    Promotion Opportunity For Gamer Girls!

    My agent has recently setup my PSN and TWITCH profiles! We have been able to find a decent amount of success through self promotion! What we are looking for is a group of girls who play the game OVERWATCH. This will require you to have PSN with a Playstation 4 and a Mic. It would be mutually...
  6. NatalieP

    4 companies come together to launch SupportThePerfomer limited time discount bundle

    Recently I have been getting a ton of requests form performers about setups available to them in hosting websites - some for small blogs but most are interested in more robust websites that would be making money. So, the thinking was done and contacts rustled, then Sarah (ZuzanaDesign) and I...
  7. ShyCollegeSlut

    Does anyone want to create/join a Twitter #RT group just for models to join.

    I'm a big believer in models supporting each other, and i'd love to get a group together of models/camgirls who will #RT for #RT on twitter, and help each other out. Anyone interested?
  8. deblackivory

    TWITTER: Promo Approach

    Hello, I recently started doing webcam few weeks ago and I am looking into advertising myself. The only social media that I've been using is Tumblr where I have about 7k followers but it's more personal. I just opened up Twitter last week and I currently only have 24 followers. I'm not...