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  1. BBatBitch

    Best / Cheapest Payout Methods? 🇨🇦

    What's the Best / Cheapest payout method for Canadians 🇨🇦 on: MFC? Chaturbate? & Streamate? Thanks! :cat:
  2. BBatBitch

    Cannot figure out how to mute basics?

    Sorry if this is obvious!!!
  3. kikixxxx_

    what does it mean when a model says she will match all tips on MFC?

    so im learning how to work token sites after only ever working premium sites, im watching some top models for tips. i notice one top model has a bunch of regulars. she will randomly start a timer and say she will match all tips until the timer runs out, and to get it under 7000, then they will...
  4. LenaSexton

    MFC Disconnection Issues?

    Has anyone experienced disconnection issues with MFC the past couple of days? I keep getting disconnected like crazy for some reason. My internet connection has been fine as far as I know. I do not use OBS during my stream.
  5. Minimal_Yume

    Camming as an average girl - Camscore hell

    Hi everyone! Firstable just wanted to express how truly thankful I feel to have found this forum, I joined approximately 3 weeks ago and I have been reading and learning soooo sooo much! It truly feels less lonely to have this community 😊 I finally decided to make my first post about my...
  6. L


    Hey! so i'm new on mfc, and really want to change a stupid photo that got on my avatar for mfc share, i already changed my normal profile pic but that horrible photo keeps there can somebody plsss help me ?
  7. sweetcap33

    MFC Screen Size

    Hi guys! I wanted to know if MyFreeCams has a way where we can turn the screen size of us to square instead of widescreen, if anyone knows
  8. L

    Played or the player?

    Hi All This is my first post here. I’ve looked through the forums trying to find similar posts to what I’m about to share to no avail 😐 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and living alone I thought I’d give MFC a try to kill the boredom and as a chance for some socialisation. I met a model and got...
  9. jocelindia369

    Does anyone splitcam on a private and a free site?

    I've been streaming on Streamate for about a year, and I just started experimenting with MFC a month ago. I'm quite entertained in the free chat in MFC, while I'm bored on SM unless I'm in a private. My plan is to stream on free chat on both sites, but is there a way to turn off my camera for...
  10. ArianaFoxxx

    question for MFC mail/club mail

    Hey there and happy new year! 🎉 I’m not sure how to send a video to my club members. It just gives me text option. I sent one in chat before but I’m assuming the video saves in the chat? This club is monthly so I don’t want randoms having access to the past video.
  11. MiaTV

    New models warning

    Hi! Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. Im posting this for new models to beware if user slgyt3. I found threads on the darkweb of him offering to sell models true privates. Weather this is true or not, he hasnt entered my room since we had a more xplicit stream together, nor has he...
  12. ArianaFoxxx

    How to get my rank up

    Good morning everyone! I’ve like I’ve dig myself in a hole and nit sure how to get out. I had my best rank yet last month #1668, this month started off pretty slow ( I’m online for at least 30 hours a week ), now I’m ranked at #3939. I have games, sales, fun shows I plan, etc. I understand it...
  13. ArianaFoxxx

    Question about shows

    Hey babes! So I’ve noticed since I started camming that a lot of the top models have club shows. I’m pretty overwhelmed by shows. I know you can have them when you’re online on public when you meet a goal, etc. but is having members tip for a club you create and have a scheduled night for said...
  14. MiaTV

    Bot stuck to my broadcast

    Hi, I had a look to see if anyone had a thread on this already but I couldn't seem to find anything. I'm new to camming, but not to the internet, and I understand that anything you do online remains 4ever. This aside there is a bot stuck to my broadcast page uploading my streams and it's...
  15. poisonpeach_

    Tip-Activated CharlesBot Response/onTip Function

    I know Chaturbate has an onTip function that you can use if you know how to code and they also allow the use of apps and bots to do that and much more for you. But does anyone know of a way to automatically send out thank you banners and responses on your MFC room whenever someone tips? I've...
  16. L

    Lovense + Flashplayer

    I got the new lush lovense to use on cam and I've previously been able to use it just fine but for whatever reason (maybe it's because flashplayer is stopping in a month) the software necessary to connect the toy to sites isn't working. It has sent multiple error messages like "flashplayer is...
  17. ArianaFoxxx

    MFC Show advice

    Hello! I need some ideas/help for shows to do online. I set a countdown for things like “take off top”, “take off thong”, “cum show”, etc but still have a hard time meeting my goals. Do you models have any advice on how to have successful shows?
  18. Miamia13

    register on mfc for Indonesian model

    Hi guys, I'm a pretty successful webcam model from Indonesia, I'm currently working on several sites including cb and bonga. but I always wanted to get to MFC. is there any way to register there for an Indonesian model? or maybe you have heard of how to do that? have a good day guys)
  19. H

    Access to the recorded private shows (Life Time Access)

    Greetings everyone, My account on mfc has been banned for over 2 years; I have contacted the support a million times to restore it, or at least provide me access to the private show recordings from the archive (SHOWS I PAID FOR). I wish they could at least reply to my email rather than ignoring...
  20. AshRaindrop

    Fetish Type Stuff To Do | Amateurmodel help | Ideas

    A few things to try that are a bit more vanilla! hot candle wax body paint oil rubdown on legs and feet put hair in pigtails blow up balloons and pop high heels boots fishnets cute panties, lingerie cosplay dresses, skirts, shorts erotic storytime spitting choker, jewelry roleplay whipped...