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  1. Miamia13

    register on mfc for Indonesian model

    Hi guys, I'm a pretty successful webcam model from Indonesia, I'm currently working on several sites including cb and bonga. but I always wanted to get to MFC. is there any way to register there for an Indonesian model? or maybe you have heard of how to do that? have a good day guys)
  2. H

    Access to the recorded private shows (Life Time Access)

    Greetings everyone, My account on mfc has been banned for over 2 years; I have contacted the support a million times to restore it, or at least provide me access to the private show recordings from the archive (SHOWS I PAID FOR). I wish they could at least reply to my email rather than ignoring...
  3. AshRaindrop

    Fetish Type Stuff To Do | Amateurmodel help | Ideas

    A few things to try that are a bit more vanilla! hot candle wax body paint oil rubdown on legs and feet put hair in pigtails blow up balloons and pop high heels boots fishnets cute panties, lingerie cosplay dresses, skirts, shorts erotic storytime spitting choker, jewelry roleplay whipped...
  4. AshRaindrop

    Any tips on looking great on camera?! ~amateur model

    I get great feedback, my guys are great, they gas me up, etc...I'm just wondering if you have any tips to get more confident on cam or while making content? Tricks, angles, editing, a girl out 😂 I have an hd webcam, fast wifi, ringlight, etc.
  5. Sugar_butt

    MFC Recording Club Shows w/ OBS

    Hey everyone! I’m looking for advice/ personal experiences from who may have tried or successfully recorded your own MFC club shows? I have a goal on my MFC Share page and once I reach it, I’m doing a show for anyone who participated at least a certain amount of tokens. However, there are kind...
  6. Sugar_butt

    Podcast or YouTube caming help suggestions?

    Hey guys! Recently I’ve started cam modeling on MFC and absolutely LOVE it! I find myself constantly researching all I can about all topics related to caming so that I can do better and make good choices. I was wondering if anyone had any favorite podcasts/ YouTubers that cover anything helpful...
  7. C

    Help. Profil page Design

    Hey guys, I set up the Profil for my girlfriend on mfc. we could need some help designing and programming her profile page. i tried a lot but it just looks aweful ... if anyone interested helping us and her to design or even Programm a beautiful page that would be awesome❤ surely we will...
  8. TaylorDaisy

    Use This For Color Scheme Help!

    Hey everyone! Wasn't sure where to post this, so I figured I'd put it in the public side of the forum so the newer models can check it out too :) I'm super picky with my profiles & having everything look aesthetically pleasing, I stumbled across this website: kaboompics dot com All you do is...
  9. I

    Tell me what you think

    Hi everyone!!!! I’m writing to you to tell the little story of mine. (as I was writing, I noticed it’s so goddamn long, so sorry in advance:) ) First off, my cam model journey has started just for the sake of masturbating, like everyone else. Anyway, I used to spend a lot of hours just to...
  10. M

    Average Girl on MFC

    I've been camming for almost 8 months now! It's been a rocky road from the bottom. I haven't been on too much in the last month due to personal reasons. But I just wanted to shed some light on what goes on in the lower camscore/ranking rooms. First off I want to start by saying, I am a good...
  11. U

    MFC model not sure if I should give up.

    I have been using mfc for about a month now, but I have only been on a total of 8 times. When I first started, on my first night, I walked away with $110 made in under two hours. I was shocked and so happy. The next night was almost the same amount, and so was the following night. The fourth...
  12. crimson_lion

    OBS help for MFC on Mac OS

    Hey everyone! I want to preface this by saying this is not for me, but for my friend who is a model on MFC. She has been struggling with setting up OBS for a while on her Macbook (New Model), and recently has been having trouble running it. She did the walkthrough through the MFC wiki, however...
  13. babybookworm

    Question about MFC International Wire Transfer..

    Hi ladies! I was wondering if anyone here based outside of the USA has had any experience with getting payout through international wire transfer? If so, where are you based approx and how long did it take to arrive? Payout was on Friday and I still haven't received as much as a pending...
  14. G

    Help with tax questions ?

    Hello fellow cammers, I am hoping someone can give me some insight and ease my mind. I started camming last January and only did for a little over a month. I have just received my 1099 misc from MFC because I made about 1200$. I also have a regular job that I am filing taxes for. I tried to use...
  15. Knottyhottie

    OBS Help

    I've noticed some models on MFC using OBS have wheels with prizes that pop up when a certain number is tipped. Anyone know how to do this??
  16. StarSpirit

    Can you post the same video to more sites?

    Hello! So I have seen some models sell the same video on different sites. I fee like I remember reading somewhere that you can post one video to one site only but I am no longer sure (For example if I put one vid on MFC and also on manyvids) Should I ask support or does anyone know the answer...
  17. Visceral

    Pvt Shows when using OBS

    Hey, so I recently started using OBS, and an external webcam. It came to my attention from one of my viewers that they can't request a private show when I'm using OBS. I don't wanna go back to using my internal webcam because it's a downgrade in my graphics but I'm losing money if I can't do...
  18. Neon_Deer

    First time impressions <3

    Hi!! Yesterday was my first time camming (MFC) and it was awesome. I struggled like 1 hour trying to understand how countdowns works, thankfully a very sweet guy helped me and it went fine :woot: I was really anxious at first because I was expecting a lot of creepy people but actually the...
  19. F

    Dissertation Help!

    Hi! My name is Phe and I am an ex-camgirl and current university undergraduate student at the University of Edinburgh. I study anthropology and am looking into the current shifting trends in online porn and online sex-work and how the workers themselves feel about the industry, their bodies...
  20. MessyMolly

    Keeping People in My Room/Not Getting Much Traffic

    Hi everyone! I’m a cam model on MFC and I am having a hard time keeping people in my room, a lot of them leave after I say hello to them, and many of them are just lurking and leaving or lurking for the whole show without having said a word or tipping. How can I get more people to come into my...