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  1. ArianaFoxxx

    Tips for OBS

    Hey there! So I was going to switch to OBS streaming but I’m not very tech savvy so I’m a little hesitant on doing it lol I’ve been reading up on it on MFC Wiki and they stated that a hard wired Ethernet connection is recommended. Does anyone have experience with it working with just your wifi...
  2. ArianaFoxxx

    Could I be doing more?

    Hey loves! So I’m someone that feels like they never do enough. I have quite a few videos on my MFC Share, some clubs, items and goals as well. I struggle with getting it to sell. I try creating videos to upload for MFC/OF but lately I haven’t been motivated creating content. I look up to many...
  3. ArianaFoxxx

    When it’s slow...

    Hey there! So my question is that is it better to stay online even when it’s slow, no one is engaging, etc. even though it effects my cam score or am I better off getting offline and trying again later?
  4. poisonpeach_

    Tip-Activated CharlesBot Response/onTip Function

    I know Chaturbate has an onTip function that you can use if you know how to code and they also allow the use of apps and bots to do that and much more for you. But does anyone know of a way to automatically send out thank you banners and responses on your MFC room whenever someone tips? I've...
  5. SexySweetNiko

    animation during streaming?

    Hello girls and guys !!! I am pretty new here and pretty old on myfreecams but i saw something that look interesting for me today,some nice animation when guys tip the pumpkins are blowin up,can somebody tell me how to do that? I will add a photo as example. Thanks alot
  6. R

    Where to register as a studio owner

    I am having a studio I want to register my studio in myfreecams but unable to do the same When ever I am trying to signup as a studio owner it is taking me to model signup page I also tried to signup in model page as a studio owner but it is not accepting my application Please help me in...
  7. AshRaindrop

    Some Non-Sexual activities I do on cam~ if it helps you!

    So, I show a lot on cam but basically I'm very non-nude and known for my personality and girlnextdoor vibes. I like doing things that arent just flashing my ass and oiling my tits most of the time 😂 -blow bubbles -blow up balloons and POP -chew gum -do my makeup -ticket game 25tkns each...
  8. S

    HP Pavilion x360 Laptop advice

    Hello fellow cam models! I am currently looking for a new laptop because my current HP x360 2GB RAM 32GB laptop does not function right on myfreecams anymore. My room will stay loading then I will be kicked out of my room back to the login page. I figured it is because of my low capability of a...
  9. NebulaStarlight

    What could I be doing wrong?

    Okay, so I've been camming since I was 18 on both CB & MFC. About a year in I changed everything up in a rebrand so I could "Get it all right." Ever since, I've focused camming on Myfreecams because the rules weren't as limiting for me as CB. To put my frustration into perspective, I've upgraded...
  10. Smores

    What are the Tipping Patterns in High Token Rooms?

    What kinds of tipping patterns have you noticed in rooms that consistently make more than 10K tokens per show? What I mean by that is what percentage of the time do you see bids evenly spread out between many viewers versus the show being dominated by a small number of large bidders? Are...
  11. BrattyBambii

    Is there any way to embed a poll on your MFC Profile?

    I want to make it so that the TIP MENU Poll will show up directly on my profile and memers can "vote" directly from my profile... is that possible?
  12. JennyFae

    weird viewers bug

    so, some premium members will get "stuck" in my viewers list. I was messaging a guy, telling him i'd kick him if he remained afk... and he said he wasn't in my room. Then he wondered why he was getting banned from rooms he had only visited for five seconds for "freeloading". So there must be a...
  13. S

    MFC Share header help

    How can you change your header picture on your MFC Share profile? I've never changed it before and have the palm tree one that was automatically there.
  14. MilaRose

    How long have the longest cam girls been around?

    Just curious how long some of you girls and guys have been caming for as I have no idea personally how long I can stay relevant for. Any long term success stories?
  15. MilaRose

    Cam Girl Guide Q & A

    Hey guys and girls, I have a Youtube channel dedicated to helping cam girls (and guys) get started as an online entrepreneur in the adult industry. If anyone has any more beginner friendly questions I would be more than happy to answer them for you in an upcoming Q&A! I can also answer some...
  16. NoraSkyes

    Tip Menu Ideas and Prices?

    I am reconstructing my profile at the moment and with that said I am redoing my entire tip menu. I feel like my menu is a bit bland and wanted to know what other girls have on theirs and what you ask for certain things, I am not making too much off my menu as of late and I am wondering if its...
  17. BadgirlIvy

    Trying to be more vocal in my room!

    Hey, guys!! New here, so I don't have Model status yet but I am needing some suggestions. I'm a somewhat introverted person when it comes to my thoughts and such and I find it so hard to keep my room fun and active. Most models suggest to talk outloud, but no one is ever talking in my chatroom...
  18. LaylaRae

    MFC is the YouTube of camsites?

    Am I the only one who sees the similarities here? The reason I am almost exclusively interested in MFC as the site I want to cam from is because of the way I view it as a social, brand building platform similar to YouTube. I’ve been thinking of this for awhile now but I was just watching a...
  19. ZoeSlave

    Jive by We Vibe

    So a lovely bought me the we vibe "Jive" and according to the site and the seller from the store its CB compatable.... Ive been spending over 2 hours now trying to get it to work or link with my computer or the lovense app and go that route but nothing really is working...... even looking...
  20. DahliaKinx


    hey everyone. I’ve been reading a lot of posts on this forum and it really has helped me a lot. I raised my CS from 250 to 1000 in a two week period so I was doing really well. I’m not sure what exactly the change was but now all of a sudden I went from 60+ people in my room to 5-10 max and...