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Any tips ? Uploaded videos

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Jul 22, 2020

I did cam for 2 weeks on 2018 on bongacams, I deleted my account when I stopped.
i googled my old username and only found 3 photos of me and one of them is showing my face, I already asked to google to remove it from image but it didn’t work.
I also looked on some porn website if there is any video of me out there, I checked on the one I know, and the webcam category and nothing, is this normal to don’t found any recorded video ? Also do I have to check on other categories ? Is there any porn website I should look into ?
Any tips on how to look for the videos ?
I really don’t want anybody to found any of my videos.

thank you for your help 🙂


Cam Model
Aug 11, 2017
Unless you were doing something outrageously unique, any videos that you may possibly have out there would have been buried within the massive amount of pirated videos that would have been uploaded over the past two years. Considering that you weren't able to find any videos when actively searching for them, I doubt anyone you know would accidentally stumble upon them if they even exist.

I doubt you're going to get any advice on how to find pirated videos on here, especially outside of the MO part of the forum, since not many models are going to want to give tips to anyone who comes across this thread on how to find stolen content and I think that the members who post here respect us and our content, and would not do something that irresponsible.
Nov 12, 2017
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I will admit before I even knew CamSites existed and definitely what they were, I would look all on the 'free' tube sites, and what I will tell you is, it will be impossible to find all your videos.
Here is the simple reason why: not everyone gives a damn about naming a file/video properly, who the person is or anything, they will just call it "blonde chic fucking" or, you know something very generic. So, in other words, it won't include your cam name, your cam pseudo name or anything else for you to easily be able to track them.