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Cant open mfc account from sa

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@AmberCutie I can not open a mfc model account it keeps saying mfc I'd not taking from my region. Please help
She has nothing to do with the MFC site support, As stated your region isnt currently allowed to sign up. Best to email the support team at MFC & ask when they may allow your region to join.
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Okay thank u
I believe it is specifically Colombia and Venezuela that are currently not able to start on MFC or however they want to word it- “currently not accepting.” Unfortunately, I do not know all the reasons why but you may not receive a clear response from MFC either. In other words, just an opinion as I have no ties to MFC, I have seen this same issue many times. I have communicated with the Colombian model Florbella as she has over 10 years experience with MFC and she also has said MFC no longer accepts Colombian and Venezuelan models. She is knowledgeable and friendly and would know much more. I hope that helps a little.
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