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changing niches

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Sep 8, 2020
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Hello fellow cam models!

I've realized being a submissive cam model is more work than it deserves to be. The reason I chose to do it in the first place was because that is my primary role in my personal sexual relationship, and it just felt natural. I feel quite unfulfilled doing it so promiscuously, so I've decided to make a 180 and go Dom on cam. It's really just switching out the amount of physical labor I would perform being a sub with the amount of mental strategy required to dominate. I'm an established model on Streamate, and am expecting some backlash at the sudden and complete change in role, after 5 years, however, I have faith, in the long run, it will be much more worth it, and more truly reflective of my own self image, encouraging more passionate and creativity from my part. Might any models have any thoughts to share in regards to this change, or suggestions as a new dom? I would appreciate any insight.
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You are at an advantage because you have experience from the sub perspective. You understand what makes it enjoyable to be in that role. You can easily flip that and use it to inform how you dom, I think that's a good starting point while you figure out how you want to run the show moving forward.
i think it's completely normal for your show to grow as you do! my show now is a complete 180 from when i first started 6 years ago. i started out pretty extreme and now i'm extremely vanilla lol i still have old guests come back and ask for old style shows, but i just quickly say "sorry i dont do that anymore!" and direct them to my bio to read my new show descriptions and they chose to stay or leave. it hasn't affected my income at all and i feel like my show has only improved because im happier and more comfortable with my vanilla shows!
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I started doing pregnancy when I became pregnant... after being on cam for many yrs doing mostly vanilla... then moved to belly play and feederism... then pregnancy... now that I will be giving birth soon I will have to change again... but pregnancy was the most lucrative of any fetish or niche I have done... I am going to miss it :(

but change is going to happen as you grow, on cam or not. you may lose some fans but you may gain a lot more :)
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