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Does She Love me?

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Jan 16, 2019
is it harsh to put all eastern Europeans in the same bracket? I will see how this goes over the next few months but after reading most peoples comments on here, im not holding out for some sort of miracle lol
I didn't put all eastern Europeans in the same bracket. It's a common scam that studios from that region push on models to get as much money from suckers as possible. There's so many threads on here that discuss it and so many guys who fell for it.

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her English is pretty good, compared to me trying to speak her languages lol I could fly back and forth no problem its just I don't think shed ever be able to come and see me.
the jealousy thing...I know iver never met her but shes got me hook line and sinker tbh, that's why it feels way more real than it probally is in reality.
I hope cam relastionships work, i mean one guy on here seems to be doing okay with a similar, if not closer to home, situation.

Travel is a big thing. Let's say something comes of this, and you fly to meet her. Can, or will, you relocate? You mentioned you both have kids. So, that add a major complexity. Also, if you can't move, can she? Again, can she even get a visa to come visit? Would she? These are some BIG hurdles. If either one of you can't move, it's an unrealistic situation and you'd be better off calling it now.

The jealousy issue you NEED to address. Not just for the sake of interacting and feeling you have for this model. But, for any relationship you might get yourself into. What if you get involved with a gal next town over, and you see her chatting it up and being friendly with a guy in the bar or grocery store? You going to become jealous there, walk over and smack the guy?

Again, model/member relationships can happen. But, exceptionally rare. Especially in the case such as you've given where both of you have children.


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Jan 4, 2020
New York
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If you have an issue with jealousy, don't date a sex worker. Period. Every other word in this post stopped mattering as soon as you said that.

That being said, while it's completely normal for models to care about our clients, it's highly unlikely that she's in love with you (especially since you don't even speak the same language). It's much more likely that she A) doesn't want to hurt your feeling and B) doesn't want to lose a customer. Even if she is developing feelings for you, relationships between clients and providers are very rarely healthy because it involves an unhealthy power dynamic on BOTH sides. I wouldn't pursue this.


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Jul 25, 2014
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Nov 12, 2017
If she isn't getting paid, where's the hustle? In other words, what would her motivation, her payoff be?

It's all about keeping the user/viewer on the hook.
If you have tipped a lot and then stop, they will be "it's fine blah blah" BUT they know there is that huge potential of getting more from you again.
Jun 27, 2019
I know of two cases where camgirls actually married their male followers. both cases, the guys were very wealthy and could support the women, to live in a style that they never imagined in their lives. Neither of the men asked their wives to stop camming, and both continued to do so for a long while after hooking up. One girl no longer cams; the other still does, mostly as a fun hobby. Amazingly, both marriages have lasted several years.

Is there really love in any of this? Hell if I know. But after getting a BMW and traveling first class around the world, there is probably some sense of satisfaction and security, which is what everyone wants in life. Should you consider these girls as having sold themselves for money? Hell no, they are no better or worse than anyone else who marries outside their class or social milieu. Everyone has their reasons, and these girls' reasons are no more or less valid than those of anyone else.

But to the OP: If you are not fantastically wealthy, forget it. And to be jealous for somebody doing her job is crazy.
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