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Finding cam partners?

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Aug 9, 2021
I'm a male model on CB, been doing it for little over 18 months, I do fairly decent on there, for a guy anyways. 4k+ followers. I kinda wanna shift more towards OF which I'm building up at a decent rate. The solo cam shows just take too much time and can be hit or miss in return for profit made, so I'd like to focus more on just doing 4-5 bigger shows per week. Naturally 95%+ of my fanbase when I'm solo are gay/bi males, so I'd like to find a guy to cam with maybe once or twice a week to appeal to them for those shows. I have my gf who cams with me but thats maybe once a week. Our sex life is more spontaneous due to our diff work schedules- so she isnt always wanting to just jump on cam which I totally respect. Plus jacking off solo on cam every day takes a toll on the sex life, another reason I wanna shift it.

What I had planned was a schedule like this

2x/week solo
1x/week with GF (more if and only if shes up to it) Those are always pretty big earning shows since we get a nice mix of my gay audience along with influx of str8 viewers
1-2x/week with a male partner (these would be geared towards ticket shows.. mutual masturbation, possibly more)

I figure this would allow me to still make a good income from cams while leaving free time aside from my main job. The problem I have ran into is finding a male to cam with. Ive tried Grindr and gay dating sites and had a few bites, but for newbies, ugh its frustrating walking them through the signup & verification process etc and they tend to flake. Plus I'd just much rather find a dude that already has some experience camming instead of teaching a newbie. I know the lady who broke me into camming got frustrated with me at first during our shows lol! So I'm wondering if anyone knows of sites that would link up potential partners? I know its harder finding males. Tried sexyjobs but not much on there for this scenario. Craigs and Doublelist dont allow these types of ads.. Any tips or hints would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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Jul 11, 2021
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I don't know if you're on JustForFans at all but they have a social media feature for verified models to connect and collab, so that might be worth looking into if you're wanting to find another experienced guy to work with. I haven't tried it though so I can't vouch for its success rate, just that it exists.

ModelMayhem might be another place to look, but it would also be a slog because most male models are primarily doing SFW stuff or still photography, and you can't explicitly advertise on it that you're wanting to make porn because of their TOS. There might be some guys who would be down for a steady camming gig with a partner though, so who knows.
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