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How do you collect feedback from your members?

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Apr 12, 2020
There was an interesting topic about it on another forum and I wanted to bring it here.

Are you collecting feedback from your members about your show, what they like and dislike in your way of doing things?

How do you do it? How much do you care about it?

Obviously a single member will give you only his wishlist, but if you ask tenth or hundreds of them you'll probably see some topics several times.

There is a lot of resources and forums for models. but can you really learn from another model? (well, except technical stuff)? Even two physically close models will have different tempers and confort zones, which could lead to totally different shows.

Did you tried at you beginning to emulate some renowed model and failed lamentably as I did ^^? More in the way of organizing your show then in your behavior.

Do you share your ideas about your future show with your mems and listen their feedback? How do you do it? i've read a nice little book recently (Rob Fitzpatrick - The Mom Test) that made me wonder if i was asking the right questions instead of just pushing my ideas to be accepted. (btw i really advice this book)

Finally any entertainment industry is feedback driven, and we have the possibility to directly interact with our auditory, unlike pop stars or video game makers that have to rely on mass surveys to create their products. Do you think you use this advantage?
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