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I cannot do skype shows

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Nov 20, 2019
Hello everybody, I am from Thailand, pretty new to this forum and not too much time like I want it unfortunately.

I have a question for you girls...

Recently, I have started doing skype shows with skyprivate, unfortunately I have some big issues, not related to the plugin but with my camera.

I have a logitech camera and I use splitcam generaly..

For a reason that I dont understand, every time i try to call someone on skype or that someone try to call me, my computer freeze and show me a black screen, before turning off...

I changed the settings in skype and I see my camera clearly, the only problem is really that when someone call me or I call, it blocks my computer..

Has one girl experienced this too ? I would really appreciate the help as it make me lose a lot of money unfortunately... :dead:

Thanks for the reply
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