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I will be testing on new model status length

Discussion in 'Ask-a-Model!' started by JennyTease, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. JennyTease

    Dec 2, 2018
    Okay, I know it's been talked about before but I want to do my own experiment.
    For starters I did contact mfc, they told me the new model status only lasts for 10hours.

    I asked what the 3 days, 7 days etc settings are for. This was their reply.
    "Members can choose to view new models as 'new' for a longer period of time if they wish, but ten hours is the default setting"

    So upon looking at my member account on myfreecams I can see that the default is 7 days. So I tested this out a bit and concluded that the 7 day models disappeared when I out in 3 days instead. I check out one of the 7 day models and found that she is under her 10hours usage.

    I think that the new model status disappears after ten hours online, and if you use it up in the first day then you won't have it after that.
    I think there are some glitches where models have kept theirs longer or possibly they create that themselves in Photoshop. I know I tried before.
    And as someone said if you keep camming that day after t reached ten hours it will last toll you log off.

    So I'm going to test this out next weekend
    I plan to cam 8 hours on Saturday and then 8 hours on Sunday to maximize the use of that
    Since weekends are good for me and not too many top models to compete with during the day. Friday sucks. Last day of the month sucks. First day of the month sucks.
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  2. AmberCutie

    AmberCutie ACF Owner & Admin. (I don't work for CB.)
    Staff Member Cam Model

    Mar 1, 2010
    Yes that all makes perfect sense and matches with our experience in the past.

    The only way to have it after that is dependent on the members' settings. Some members will see you after your 10 hours if they have adjusted their settings to show you as new for longer, as you noted.

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