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Need advice.

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Jul 15, 2022
John here. Needed some help on Chaturbate.

A friend of mine made a mistake for not banning a minor (17 age) from his show. The minor had told him his age in PM but he didn't really know the rules and keep going.

Now his account is banned. His studio had manage to create him a new accounts, but those new accounts was banned as well (Chaturbate seems to regonize him through face recognition)

My question is, could he appealed for a second chance? He could start off with a new account, but I think your team banned his ID, documents from registering again.

Can his ID or documents ban be lifted anyway?

He tried to contact support, but he most get generic replies or no response.

He is just a young man going to uni soon, and also trying to earn a living for himself.

Hope you guys can help

Initial user: Chester_curley (banned)
Another 2 new user: sigma_domino, Chester_lovely (banned with no reason)

Seriously need your advise @punker barbie

Thanks in advance and appreciative your help a lot.