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New Account banned for underage

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May 5, 2021

I have a problem with the registration of my new account, every time I try to register, the page shows me the following message:

" Account Banned
Your cam has been blocked as a result of concerns regarding compliance with our terms and conditions. Please note that we have zero tolerance for underage participation on our platform or any failure to comply with applicable law. If you believe this action is in error, you may appeal this block by sending us age verification at If you have any questions or concerns relating to your account, please feel free to contact us at"

Previously I had worked for a studio, but a few months ago I finished working there, now that I want to go back I have not been able for this reason, so I would like to know what I can do to get help and solve this problem.

For 3 days I have tried to contact the support, but I have not received any response.

The username I have tried to use is, luna_rainbow_

Thanks in advance.
A friend of mine had this problem, it was because she used a document which was issued several years ago and it had a very old photo where she looked very young. The site refused to verify her probably because they couldn't confirm that a person holding the document is the one which photo is on the document. This was resolved when she registered with a new document issued recently.

Try registering using a more recently issued document, with a more recent photo of you.
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