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IrinaStreamate Romania
Industry Representative
Aug 9, 2023
1. Last year we introduced an early BETA option to offer tailored per-minute rates to viewers. After lots of testing and improvements, we're excited to officially announce the Dynamic Rate feature!
How does it work? Instead of setting static per-minute prices for your live shows, Dynamic Rates allow you to set a range you are comfortable offering.

Here is the link with more information about it:

If you still have questions about this feature or want to share your thoughts about future improvement, we do value your feedback so please feel to reach out to your local Streamate representative or me, either here or on email,

2. Want to create content with someone who doesn't use Streamate Models? We're adding PlusOne accounts, a simpler way to collaborate!

How does it work? Some collaborators want their own solo streaming career, but some are only interested in working with others. If you know someone who wants to join your content but isn't ready for their own profile page, a PlusOne account is the perfect way to connect.

PlusOne accounts can be linked to other creator accounts. Once connected, you can tag these creators in multi-creators live streams and uploaded content. They can also grant approval for media they are tagged in so you can post it to your profile.

Here is the link with more information on this subject: