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Please help!!

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Sep 24, 2021
Hi everyone,

Thought you guys might be able to help me with my situation. I was in a low place once and cammed for a couple of weeks, only to find out later that my stuff is on 20+ sites. I panicked and deleted my account because I'm afraid someone from my life will find out about this. I'm so scared I ruined my own life, I hired a service (Rulta) but they didn't take anything down because the websites are non DMCA compliant. What are the chances someone will find these videos online? And what are the best online services to help take down the videos?
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Nov 12, 2018
Chances are slim to none that someone you know will find them. You were a new model and unless you instantly gained a huge following, you probably won't be popular enough for a quick Google search to find.

I honestly wouldn't even bother getting the videos taken down. Someone will just re-upload them somewhere else, and more new faces will be drawn to your content. Once it's on the internet it's there forever.

Just take a breath and remember how much porn is on the internet, and how many cam models are currently active right now. There's little to no chance that someone you know is actively looking for an inactive cam model that only cammed for 2 weeks.
Sep 24, 2021
It happens. Sorry to say, but them's the breaks in the business.

If it helps, I cammed and then went on a hiatus. Deleted a lot of my stuff (not all of it thankfully, since I did decide to come back now and then) - My life wasn't ruined. In public, I dress like a genderfluid trashbag. My tattoos generally aren't visible. I also don't share my face on the internet if it's not related to my cam profile - my public profiles that do include my real name are locked down completely, and I check them periodically to make sure they're as locked down as I thought I left them.

My videos and caps of my streams from years ago are still available. My husband usually trawls my cam name and lets me know if I pop up in any new places. It's always under my cam name, which is fine because that makes it easier for me to google. Now my struggle is to make sure *my* stuff appears at the top of the search results, not the cappers.

While being outed is a concern, if you're not a very public figure and you made sure to not share personal details (Your name and where you live) you should *generally* be okay. I wouldn't sweat too much, personally.