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Pricing, Tip Options, and Expanding Offerings

Discussion in 'Ask-a-Model!' started by Mistress Sue, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. Mistress Sue

    Jun 27, 2018
    Hey all! It's Sue! A fresh-faced gender-deviant total-top kinkster and new cam girl! (Read: Week 1.) I'm looking for some advice from the more experienced among us on how you got started on MFC, kept improving your presence and honing in on what you offer...

    I'm a bit overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content, tip options, clubs, etc I see a lot of people offering. To those who have been at it for some time, where did you start? For context, I'm already operating under a distinct email for all this stuff. I set up a MFCshare, a cam-specific tumblr, have a twitter in the works and plans for snapchat to roll out at some point next month. I've set myself some boundaries of things i'm unwilling to do for now: like skype, True Privates, and penetration. I've also amassed a freakishly long list of things I'd be willing to place on a Tip Menu- ranging from the benign to the brutal- but how much, realistically, should I list? Should i switch up the offerings each show? and what sorts of things should I prioritize in my topic/whiteboard?

    I'm also a little unsure about where to begin in pricing for tip requests, and content access. I'm wary of undercutting my cohorts or undervaluing myself- part of me assumes that as a new addition I should definitely operate at a lower price point to avoid seeming aloof or over-priced - but I'm not sure where a good base-line might be, or how low is too low.

    Sure, a lot of this has to do with comfort level and what a given person requires to be willing to do something, but just because I'm really comfortable with -let's say buttplugs why not - should I still hold out for more, or settle for less until I gain more of a following?

    How did you go about developing a pricing scheme for all the things you offered? At what point did you consider bumping these prices? Or adding additional offerings like members clubs/VIP access and what not?

    Thanks so much, O' wise world of cam!
    Much Love
    Mx Sue
  2. RinnRainbo

    Cam Model

    Jun 27, 2018
    I myself have a problem with underselling myself all the time. I'm stating to get better about pricing and I'm starting to have regulars that are willing to pay my tip prices.

    Keep in mind though that as a new model, some people will try and get you to undersell yourself by a lot. One rule of thumb that I follow is never do anything unless the person asking tips first. Never do something and expect people to follow through with paying you (I know from experience, unfortunately.). Another problem is when someone says something along the lines of, "Well -insert random model- does it for this price so why can't you?".

    If you're up for it, group/ private shows are a great way to earn money starting out. In my experience, most people willing to do private shows will normally go up to ten (or sometimes even more) minutes. They tend to be easier to do and I personally feel like the payoff is worth it (especially if you are looking to make a certain amount per night you work.) But be warned that doing them tends to make other people leave your room, so I would try to avoid doing them in the middle of your shows and wait until the end.

    Hope this helps! And welcome to the cam community!

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