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Returning to camming and need advice

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Jan 4, 2020
Hello all. I'm a little unsure what Im looking for with this post so I'll just get started.

I stopped camming after my fiance mocked me. He heard me camming and later mocked how I sounded. Prior to that he had told me he didn't want me to keep camming. This mocking created a huge insecurity within me. I guess because he was someone I trusted it hurt me a lot and I quit camming because of the drop in confidence and not being comfortable to do it while he was home.

Since then, I've obviously seen a huge drop in my income and want to get back to it. He has changed his tune and claims he wants to be supportive. It has caused me to resent him every time I think about money because I cammed for yearsss before I even met him.

All that being said, would you recommend I create a new account on Chaturbate? I've been on my old account a few days now and I know I have to build back up. But this is a huge drop in viewers and income per hour. Would I be better off to create a new account to get active accounts and viewers interested and following me and get the 7 day possible bumb in traffic? Thank you for any advice
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