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Setting up my page and increasing viewers....

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Cam Model
Sep 17, 2023
I know the title is very vague but I am trying to find a way to set up my streams to be easy to change from me being solo to streaming with my husband.

At the moment we are having to completely change each time we stream as a Solo or as a Couple and I want to be able to have pre-set settings for each type of stream I /We currently perform.

Would it just be easier to create an account for Myself and another one for when we stream as a couple.

Does anyone have a way to encourage viewers to my page as sometimes we have 50 viewers and others 5 and I have found the stream much more viewable when you have 50 viewers interacting apposed to 5 not interacting.

I am looking for set up guides to help set up my pages and trying to learn as much as possible so I am not relying on my partner all the time.
any guides, youtube accounts that can help with OBS, BOTS, APPS, for all the major platforms.

Finally how do I get verified on here as a Cam model, I love to be able to chat with other cam models on here and find it very useful.

Thanks Rose XX
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