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Showing yourself in Private Shows

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Jun 23, 2020
Hi all,

I am a 25 year old guy from Germany with a nice job and a stable life. As you can imagine I like to blow off some steam from time to time while watching porn or in my case by watching cams on chaturbate. I am normally going for girls for 6 or 12 tokens per minute since my income is good but still I dont want "waste" too much money for porn (I like to go pvt for 30-60 mins like 4 times a week, which sums up in terms of money).

So far, I have never shown myself on chaturbate while in pvt, but I think it would make the whole experience even better. For security reasons, I would never show my face, and yet I ask myself if there is any risk of getting sextortied by showing my (naked) body.

How do you assess this situation. Do you think it is without much risk to show yourself in pvt (without face) or have you heard of stories where the outcome was bad?

Many thanks already in advance for your inputs.

Best regards
Jan 28, 2017

if you wanna be really safe: don't do it, even not in private. People will ask you where you're from, they will ask you to show your face, they will see your room through your cam and look for pictures hanging on your wall or items laying around that may give information about your location etc.

I can speak with experience, if you are not comfortable with people noticing you now or later, better don't do it. One show won't do much, but if you're doing it regularly, the risk is high.

Also, privates can be recorded easily.
Jun 23, 2020
In general thats exactly what I've thought as well. I would never show my face and would probably make sure that you cant recognize my room.

The thing that I am wondering about is that even if they see something in my room, they would not know about my contacts etc. without accessing my personal data, right? And if they can do that then they could just access my camera anyway without me noticing it.

Im generally a really cautious person and refrained from showing myself on cam. But I'm just curious about it since it would really give me an extra kick.

I really appreciate any thoughts on this topic to find possible issues :)
Apr 21, 2020
Everyone’s level of comfort is different. I never turn my cam on even though it occasionally seems like a fun idea with the right model. Odds are it would be OK, but awareness of the worst case scenario(s) keeps me from risking it.

One model expressed concern that I did not trust her. I told her it’s not the models I’m worried about. It’s the rest of the world. And neither she nor I can predict how those people will act. I am confident she is only looking to have fun. But I’m not confident that nobody else will be watching, now or in the future.
Nov 30, 2019
I was wondering the exact same thing, @alifrombali

What I am considering, is how bad the outcome could possibly be if your videos got published somewhere. I also live in Germany. At the current political situation, I think the outcome would not be ruinous, at least. I mean, colleagues, friends, family - they sure might make fun of you, but no one would be seriously offended. After a while the news will wear off. If you have a monogamous partner and you did not agree about you being naked on the internet, they might be offended. If you have political ambitions or work in certain professions, you might still face problems.

Certainly you would want to make sure, that you and your video look good (room, lighting, camera, grooming) 🦚.

All that being said, I also did not do it so far, but I am very tempted to take the risk.
The more people are naked on the internet, the less a problem it gets :)
In my years of camming I have never heard of a model going through the effort to record a member at all let alone use it for reasons like extortion etc. I do think it's okay to be cautious because the internet is forever but I also think members totally over-estimate how exciting & interesting they are in cam2cam. Y'all aren't that interesting enough to record and go through the measures to risk being banned forever from a site. Most of the time, the stream is potato quality, no face, bad lighting etc. I wouldn't worry about it unless you're a public figure fully showing your face in a well lit/high quality stream or you feel like your mental health would be extremely damaged if people in your life found out that you're on these sites. Keep in mind, if you're broadcasting on chaturbate from a non-password protected room there will most likely be screenshots of your stream that can pop up if you google chaturbate + your user name. If you're someone who says that you purposefully go to lower-priced shows why would a model bother to 'sextort' you anyway and risk to lose their entire income and livelihood on a camsite.
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