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StripChat help: Caught in catch 22. Stick to schedule even if it ruins strip score due to no viewers/tips?

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Aug 12, 2021
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I have made it past the 2 week newbie promo on StripChat, where I didn't really see much good effect from this as I never got viewers as I often wasn't showing up online on the new models list, and I also had a few technical difficulties the first week which hindered my growth. Now my views have really slumped, there have been a couple of good days but now mostly very slow. I feel I should have gotten a better start but so many things went wrong and now I can't seem to get caught up to a decent Strip score and am starting to feel like giving up, but I really want to make this work.

I want to stay online long enough so I can hope to catch new viewers, but by staying online for a long time without getting tips it's killing my strip score. I also want to adhere to the schedule I've made, but if it's killing my strip score, should I so as such? I feel like I'm in a catch 22.

What do I do? Stay on longer and risk killing my score with the hopes that I will be seen in the queue, or log off and try to attract viewers elsewhere and hope they come to my next show? I don't have a large following as I'm new everywhere. TIA for your advice. Should I stay on for 30 minutes, if it's dead take a break and come back in so many minutes? I'm really not sure what to do and need advice from some experienced cam girls please!
The Stripchat threads on here might be helpful to you:

I'm in the same boat you, and I stay on between 3 1/2 hours to 4 hours. One of my issues that I've experienced since I started on there September 1st is that the names of the people in the room will constantly disappear (Making me wonder if they've left the room), and then a few seconds later their names will reappear. And it often times will happen with all of the screen names all at once...where like FIVE of them will reappear at the same time, and I'm like what the hell? This is an issue I've already brought to Stripchat's attention, and I've seen at least one other model complain about the exact same thing.

I'm going to have to choose a set time frame to be on Stripchat, and a set time frame to be on MyFreeCams, because when I tried splitcamming the two sites together last night (Using the OBS encoder, and using the ShineModel browser) I had tech issues. Not to mention I despise having to use the OBS encoder. I've always been a person who preferred using the regular model web broadcaster without having to install any kind of software. And I don't think my laptop can handle using the OBS encoder, and splitting two sites.

I'm finding that members on Stripchat are being really stingy with their tipping me 1 token, which isn't even making a dent in my room topic goal #1 (of getting my bra off). I'm having too many nights where I log off having only made like a dollar or two. At this rate I feel like I might as well go back to MyFreeCams (I have a low camscore on there too), the site where I have more of a history...and am more likely to at least make enough for payout sometime that week. :facepalm: But I did say I'd at least try to stick with Stripchat 'til the month of September ends.
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Have you verified for stream categories? After the new period I think this is how most viewers will find you. Verify for as many as you qualify for and have interest in. It really helps a lot. I notice a big difference in my traffic when I forget to turn on categories before I broadcast.
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