Tracking income-what u want to see and lack

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Nov 2, 2018
Hi im looking to get into camming and am in process of finding out if my p.o.s. pc will allow me to before proceeding to webcam purchase.

I saw in one post where someone tracked income using spreadsheet. I was curious as to what spreadsheet lacked that would make this easier done. For example
Someone mentioned wanting to be able to track income from a particular show and maybe particular users present for that show or something like that.
I understand these needs may slightly differ dependimg on what site is used as income varies based on this such as is it a tipping site such as chaturbate, or private show such as streamate

So what are some things youd like to track or track in a better/more specific way that a spreadsheet doesnt allow

Ive never used spreadsheets before and am still familiarizing myself witb the differences in sites.