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Try to open a model account at MFC since August 22

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Mar 11, 2022
Since August of 2022 I am trying to create a model account at MFC - username DirtyStudents.
I have already been at the point that I got a mail to verify through Ondato.
This verification failed. when I tried again I couldn't .
Now it's even not possible to login and not possible to get new password .
MFC support was contacted several times with no reaction.

I already tried to open new account. The step when you fill out first information for

"Apply to be a model" .... but I never got any mail after that.​

And yes... I had my ID sent to the support.
Today I filled out it once more (Your application ID: 1325100) because they say after sending information on website:
"If you do not hear from us within 2 days, please sign-up again at making sure to include all required information and especially your correct e-mail address (otherwise we cannot reply)."

I'm really confused. What can I do now. Maybe someone can give me a tip how to reach the support?

please help me....

best wishes Marita
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