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Unsupported ID's for age verification ( need help )

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Nov 16, 2022
Hi Everyone I signed up as a broadcaster in chaturbate.. I've uploaded my passport and postal ID ( indetification ID ) for age verification but it's rejected many times and says it's unsupported.. please @punker barbie I need your help
screen name : trueasianbeau
hi babrbie my account in cb is tsmanika under trans categories i submitted and uploaded my 2 id which is my philippine passport and my postal id. but this what they said to me that note : that is under reviewing by third parties . and im just wondering why is say unspported id ,, which is this what cb requirments the passport , driver license or identity card. i told them that

Im still awaiting the philid , but our gvt cant give any approximate date where they can deliver it . I applied it last year and until now i didnt receive it , but once i will submit it once i have it all i have here is a the physys transaction slip . I hope u considerate all my id passport and my postal id while my here waiting it . but my postal id and my passport id is already uploaded it to my cb account and waiting for the reviewing until now.

Hope ur touch kindly heart for this consideration and i

also support our new system of age verification .

Thank u merry xmas and happy new year
my performer name is TSMANIKA under transgender category this is my email also
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