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Weird or crazy mods you have come across?

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Nov 18, 2022
Rockin' Rod's comment elsewhere debating the pros/cons of the showing of "silenced/kicked user XYZ" messages prompted me to recall this tale of the first (and hopefully last) control-freak of a mod I have come across at CB. This happened at a CB model's site that I regularly visited, but whose room I had never seen use a mod before.

As was usual I would start the chat with a few cutesy wave/hey there/yummy GIF's, only to find myself silenced by the mod. She had PM'ed me by this stage, and I noticed she didn't seem to respond to my messages (which is when I discovered that a mod's silence also prevents the model from seeing a user's comments in a PM)

I had a second CB account, so logged on again to post the "confused" gif directed @ the mod ("_screwy_squirrel_", who I see now has been banned from CB) and asked him WTF was going on, and before the model had a chance to read my comment he silenced that account as well.

Went back to the first account and went private with her, only to discover that chat in private PM is also shadow-banned. So this poor model (who was used to my non-stop banter while in pvt sessions) started saying things like "are you ok?" "hello?!" "are you playing games with me?!" "this is not funny, you are worrying me" before she cancelled the pvt after a few minutes.

Luckily google found her on Stripchat with the same user name (kimpolloc), so I logged on there to ask for a PM, where I explained what had happened. She told me he said he'd silenced me because I had posted a stream of obscene pics. Fortunately for me, while the wacko mod didn't know my style she did, and knew in the 6 or so pvt sessions I'd never once used any dirty gif's.

Warned her that she might have a clingy "she's mine" type of mod who she should not to give any personal details to, whereupon she said with a worried look she already had (I didn't ask her to elaborate)

BTW if anyone is interested in a mature, intelligent, East-Euro lady with a GSOH and who speaks perfect English, she frequently broadcasts at both SC and CB.
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