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Whats your favorite kind of cake?

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When I took German language in high school it was against school rules to have parties. So the foreign language teachers had 'cultural experiences' where everyone brought country specific party foods. Then of course appropriate culturally significant party music was played as well.


Now I shudder at the thought of appropriate culturally significant German party music.... :fear:
Now I shudder at the thought of appropriate culturally significant German party music.... :fear:

It was the 80's. And one of the teachers was an absolute fan of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. He use to go see it monthly at the midnight showing downtown, and he'd bring all the props to use. So pretty much any German pop song was okay, as long as it had a metric shit tonne of synthesizer in it.

We had to translate all of these, and many more, in class.

About the only time it got away from synthesizer was at Christmas time, when we had to learn and translate Christmas songs.

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Black Forest Cake & Cherry Chip Cake
I make a yummy cinnamon crumble type of peach upside down cake. Had a taste for it this last weekend. Sadly its not the same without fresh ripe peaches.
Falco music has a ton of good memories associated with it. :D
I don't wanna choose D:

Uhhh cheesecake is my all-time favorite, but I will take italian cream cake any time I can get my grubby hands on it.
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