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If you are an independent model, you want to use tour dT8X (20% rev share and direct link to your room even if offline) instead of 7Bge in your affiliate link. When you use 7Bge like that you send people to the home page when you are offline which is a missed opportunity for people to follow you.

Hello @punker barbie, my name is Daphne. I was advised to contact you with my @cb_rules problem. The fact is that we were blocked for chaturbate, although we did nothing.
If we did something wrong, please tell us about it, and this will not happen again, I am in complete despair.Please help, you are our last hope ! My nickname is in cb "hey_its_meow"
Madlyn_dee is my account ,my age verification is dennied,I send photos I Write emails at suport ,please I need your help
Happy belated birthday! Wishing you good energy and good money to come 🎉 💰
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Oh thank you so much! I hope to manifest those things exactly. Your good energy is always welcome here at ACF :h:
Hello @punker barbie , I have issue with my white label (CCS code were removed by mistake and couldnt include it back). ticket number 17806328, could you please take a look, thanks a lot.
hello @punker barbie please help me I cant broadcast chaturbate asks me about my documents but I already upload the documents and they had been approved, they are telling me Im impersonating someone but i just had another account I tried to verify when I was banned, I have sent several emails since last night and I haven't receive any answer please help me
Hello, dear @punker barbie, I have got a ban that I seem like an underage person. Support answers only “we are encouraging you to come back in 6 month”
Unfortunately I cannot wait.
I worked with mask and now I am gonna work without, the problem won’t appear anymore .
My name is Dalarossa, and last requests are 17732914 and 17732906.
thank you so much , dear @punker barbie
Hello could you help me with my account: x_omega_x it says i´ve done something with seek or discussing activity referring underage , there has been a misunderstanding as i said english is not my main lenguague sometimes i use translator, also we talk with some other models about family maybe the
algorithm detected or interpreted something i didnt want to say. thank you ticket: 17726371