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Hi punker barbie, How are you today
My account sista_souljagirl I was banned and I will like to say If I violate any terms i'm sorry and truly apologize and I promise will never happen again.
Can you please help me get my account unbanned as soon you can. Thanks for everything have a great day.
how do i delete my account? thank you
I missed being on here.... but breaks are definitely needed. Glad to be back! :) What is everyone up to this lovely Friday evening?
You gave me a like ? Your Mom was right, you're WEIRD ! I'm kidding of course, thank you !
hahaha! I love it! people just being themselves :blackalien:
Been working my butt off all week to get views up and IT'S WORKING! I'm so happy :D
Twitter followers are growing again, everything is filling out nicely. Now I just have to CAM a lot and we'll be goldennnnnnnn
Hey Dan im trying to add this pic to my background bio on chaturbate,if possible i wanted the whole back covered . could you please help me with code... link here
Huge sale starting today & going till Saturday! All g/g & lesbian videos are 25% off:
account banned...yesterday was stop caming and today when was log in was see i get banned but i dont know why because really i dont know to be do something new and no know how resolve..was email support but no username is passionscherry..also have toks on account what happend?can pls help me fix it..thx..
I gave myself a (minor) bloody nose on cam tonight. I was receiving spanks and my hand was in a fist in front of my face. On one of the harder spanks I bobbed my head reflexively right into my thumbnail, which is sharp. Cut the bottom of my nose open all on my own accord. *sigh*
I've been feeling extremely confident in myself in the past two or three months. I think I am officially ok now. I hope I didn't just jinx myself. I just wanna thank the people who showed concern for me back in March. Y'all helped me keep striving; I really appreciate your show of care in the comments. You all are the best :)
Have you ever wanted to text me, swap pictures, or even chat with me on the phone? Good news, everyone! Now you can! Let's chat... you get 5 FREE credits when you sign up:
SUPER shadowbanned on twitter. Almost 6k followers and 0 interaction. ZERO.
I don't know what to do. My free snapchat just got deleted too.
I need help girls. Any help would be appreciated. 😢
Audri, special thank you for recommending me to pick up "Thriving in sex work" by Lola Davina. I just purchased it. I hope it'll help me in some way.