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  1. AlexaCrush

    Thank you!!

    Thank you!!
  2. AlexaCrush

    Awww thank you!!

    Awww thank you!!
  3. AlexaCrush

    Video Game Crushes

    Lulu from FFX 🥰
  4. AlexaCrush

    Blast from the past... ( Are Romanian Cam Models Trustworthy )

    Have you stopped to wonder why American women don't seem to believe in the same values you have? I get the impression when you say "traditional values" you mean "a woman who is subservient to her husband and won't call him out on his bullshit". You keep humble bragging about your fancy pants...
  5. AlexaCrush

    Cloud storage for clips

  6. AlexaCrush

    What type of drunk person are you?

    I get way more extroverted when I'm drunk. I'm normally a very chill, introverted, quiet person but when I'm drunk it totally flips. I'm running around, talking to everyone, being loud and making friends. It's hilarious how much of a change it is lol. My family was shook the first time they saw...
  7. AlexaCrush

    My girlfriend and I want to make/sell smoking fetish content

    Do a bit more reading here to get a better idea of how sites and advertising in the sex industry work. First off, do not use Facebook to advertise your content. They hate us lol. Instagram is also pretty ban-happy when it comes to sex workers. There's ways around it, but be prepared to be banned...
  8. AlexaCrush

    Do you let your SO look at your profile and content?

    I generally haven't let my partners know much (if any) of my camming info or anything. I think the guy I dated when I first started knew at least the Alexa part of my name, and a recent guy I dated found me in the wild on reddit and watches my free videos on pornhub lol. As far as I know he's...
  9. AlexaCrush

    Crazy boyfriend.

    I would break up with them immediately, that's incredibly invasive and unnecessary. It's you're job, not his, he doesn't need any of that information.
  10. AlexaCrush

    Here are my result of lighting setup, still cant get it right

    Have you tried adjusting where the lights are in relation to you? I know when I try to film with my ringlight right by the camera close to me it tends to look much harsher than when it's farther back or when I have it angled up at the ceiling to get the light diffused a bit better.
  11. AlexaCrush

    Custom videos

    I charge $10/minute for customs, which I think is pretty standard. I used to only do 10-minute minimums but it's kind of nice being able to do shorter ones really quick so now I'm not too picky. I charge extra for name usage, lengthy scripts, new props/costumes, supply usage (like baby oil), or...
  12. AlexaCrush

    What do yuo like your man (or a man) to wear for "sexy time"?

    Dress pants and shirt. Bonus points if they're wearing a vest. I love a man in a vest 🥰
  13. AlexaCrush

    Stream Your Shows On

    Bahaha wow. You want chicks to work for your site but then use one of the most annoying sexist jokes known to humankind ("hurdur, she's so cranky, must be on her period") when someone contradicts you? Hahha, yeah, sign me the fuck up. You're on the fast track to makin' the big bucks, man.
  14. AlexaCrush

    Starting out; super lost

    I’d prefer to do more photos, sending things and texting with guys than camming. Doable, especially if you're planning on selling through Reddit. Also check out Extra Lunch Money for photosets, SextPanther for texting (although you need somewhat of a following first), and maybe even NiteFlirt...
  15. AlexaCrush

    podcasts for sex workers

    The Peepshow Podcast talks about issues in the sex industry at large, it's by a couple who both work in the industry iirc (the wife is a phone sex operator, I know that for sure, I can't remember what the husband does).