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  1. badgirlali

    Someone wants to be my sugar daddy?

    what about paypal? all he needs is your username or email & boom the money gets sent to you and then you can transfer to your bank account. if he says no, he's probably trying to scam you.
  2. badgirlali


    well that's shitty. what if someone was really sick or in the hospital or can't go on for whatever reason and come back and their score is shit :(
  3. badgirlali


    For mfc, I saw someone say they didn't go on for a week & their cam score went down. Is that possible?
  4. badgirlali


    so sorry, my phone was acting up and it was too late to edit it when i realized
  5. badgirlali

    shall i go on cam?

    shall i go on cam?
  6. badgirlali

    Terrified to get tax form from MFC!

    thank you so so much
  7. badgirlali

    No tax for other websites?

    I live in florida, it says it's 6%. Unless i read the wrong part. Let's say i made 6000 a year, would i just have to pay 360?
  8. badgirlali

    No tax for other websites?

    thank you(: not really sure what a high interest savings account is but i'll look into it. I do have a savings account though. On the other hand, what's the percentage?
  9. badgirlali

    Title Help

    thank you (:
  10. badgirlali

    No tax for other websites?

    thank you
  11. badgirlali

    Title Help

    Hey guys! I'm a mfc model. I need help creating a good title with the amount of tokens required. I'm having a hard time coming up with stuff. and... What should i do if people stop tipping & chatting? Shall i just end the broadcast? Put my clothes back on and start over? one more thing lol...
  12. badgirlali

    What has been your biggest tip?

    i agree
  13. badgirlali


    ios use! good idea !
  14. badgirlali

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hi i'm ali :h: I just started camming 2 days ago on mfc. My name is badgirlali on there also. I'm looking to make cam girl friends so hmu!